Ideal Mattress Sales Singapore

While mattress sales are almost always a good deal, it can be hard to find the mattress that suits you best. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect mattress. “Furniture is a good companion for us, not only enjoying the warm sunlight or fluttering in the cool breeze, but also providing a comfortable resting place. However, the mattress you’re sleeping on isn’t perfect enough to provide better sleep.

The mattress has become one of the most important items in our house nowadays. As more companies produce high-quality mattresses, mattress sale in Singapore become easier to find. Today, some mattress companies offer discounts up to 70% off. If you are thinking of buying a mattress, perhaps you can consider reading this article about mattress sale in Singapore HipVan’s top 6 mattress brands. It is about giving us comfort when we sleep and improving our health and quality of life.

1. Sleep Master Mattress

sleep master-mattress-label

sleep master mattress label I love this mattress because it is firm and comfortable at the same time. The mattress has just the right amount of softness that will help you to hug the mattress. This mattress is available in two types- pillow top or non-pillow top.

2. Sleep Master Latex Mattress

Sleep Master Latex mattress another mattress from Sleep Master, their latex mattress is very durable and offers great support regardless if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. It comes with natural latex, which means it can offer comfort without losing shape over time.

3. iDealBed mattress

ideal bed mattress label I have been using this mattress for one year ago, and I have loved it since then. The mattress is very comfortable and offers great support, especially in the hip area. When you sink into the mattress, you will feel like sinking into a cloud and become weightless in the air. People say it’s like floating on your mattress.

4. iDealBed Latex Mattress

latex mattress label The mattress consists of 5 inches of natural latex that conforms to the shape of your body. Although it is not as firm as a solid mattress, I can still sleep well without any problem. Additionally, because a latex mattress does not absorb much heat, you will feel very comfortable sleeping on it during summer. Visit here for more information!

iDealBed Latex Mattress

5. iDealBed Memory Foam Mattress

The memory-foam-mattress-label Memory foam mattress is a good choice if you have back pain problems. It helps by providing contoured support and relieving pressure points on your body, reducing the strain placed on muscles and joints. There are two different types of memory foam mattresses, one has a slow response, and the other is a quick response. The mattress which I use belongs to the former type, and it is pretty good as well.

6. iDealBed Hybrid Mattress

iDealBed Hybrid mattress label One of my friends used this mattress from iDealBed, and he was really happy with it. It’s infused with gel foam, memory foam, and natural latex, which offers superior comfort without compromising support at all. Even after months of testing, you will still feel like sleeping on a brand new mattress because its durability is fantastic.