I want to find the email of the right person: how could I do it?

There are several common reasons why you are puzzled over the question of how to find someone’s email:

  1. the searched for is a potential lead, then most likely you are a sales manager;
  2. the one you are so eager to find should become your business partner, then you are a marketer;
  3. the sought after is your victim, then you are both a sales manager, a marketer, and a terrorist.

The last definition is a joke, of course, but it could turn out that way if you use the search for email address methods listed in this article for cold mailings. In this case, you will not get around the negative. If you are trying to find the contacts you need for an interview, or at least you are sure that your proposal will be 100% interested in the sought after, then the end justifies the means.

We will offer 4 easy ways that will hopefully shed some light on the data you need. We will also explain why their correctness is so important and how to check it using a modern email finder.

Use information from the corporate website

It may seem to be the most trivial way. However, a correct search on the company’s website where the sought-after person works or is associated with gives good results. Go to the section “Contacts” or “About us”. There are usually telephones and email addresses of the main ones in the company. If the person you need is a middle-level manager, you can request to provide his email by sending a message to the corporate mailbox.

Another way how to get email addresses is to analyze the algorithm for composing contact details of employees. Usually, it works in the same way for all employees. Knowing the name, surname, company name, and the domain used in the enterprise, you can create the intended email address of the person you need yourself.

Discover the possibilities of Facebook

There is nothing easier than to use Facebook, the popular social network. It will tell how to find someone’s email address by their name. This method can be used by those who are looking for emails of famous bloggers or public people. In the search, you must specify the name of the “victim”. And in the person’s profile or on his business page, there should be all contact information, including emails. Most often, such persons write corporate addresses, less often personal ones. For this reason, targeted mailing in the first case is not the most effective option. It is better to work hard and find a personal email so that the advertising or information campaign hits the target.

Try additional Twitter features

You can find someone’s email via Twitter. Usually, when registering on social networks, users are required to have an email address for confirmation. Therefore, all you need is a username. Go to the advanced search form. Next, enter at and dot in the “All of these words” field, indicating the user’s nickname in the “From these users” column and clicking OK. Most likely you will be able to find what you were looking for.

Subscribe to a potential customer

Another way to find email addresses for free involves moving from the opposite. That is, not a potential customer subscribes to you, but you to him. This way you can show that there is a real person behind your mailer. And establish a relationship with someone who is of interest to your business.


why are correct addresses so important and how to achieve it?

Now you know how to find someone’s email, and hopefully one of our methods will work out. However, do not rush to send mailings, even if you have a list of potentially correct addresses. If this list contains at least a couple of invalid accounts, addresses that definitely would not want to receive letters from a person like you, then spam and complaints are guaranteed. To avoid these problems, before sending the letter, use email verification software. We recommend Proofy. It is an innovative platform suitable for both mass verification and one-time validation of electronic data. The price is amazing, and it can even be free!