Humanities for Students

Are you also a student of standard 11 having doubts regarding opting for Humanities? It is natural to be conscious about the subject to be taken on the 11th since your future pretty much takes a basic shape. And it is the right decision taking up this marvellous subject. It teaches you about life and the working of society in which you live. Arts give you an insight into your life and other people’s life too. It explains why everything is a certain way that it is. It is imperative to know all aspects of an institution that is responsible for all the decisions that govern every one of us.

It was long ago when government jobs and teaching were the only professions associated with Humanities. Now the scope has broadened to a large extent. Now a number of carriers lay ahead of you after you are done with schooling. Before going down the future lane, let us talk about the humanities subjects in 11th CBSE and 12th humanities subjects.

There are a plethora of subjects namely

  1. History- The combination of the history of the world and history of India divided into standard 11, and 12 tells us everything about the origin of man to how India got Independence.
  2. Political Science- This excellent subject covers everything about political theories to the practicality of the Indian constitution and world politics since world war with Indian politics since Independence.
  3. Economics- The subject talks about Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at length with the economy of India since Independence and statistics. It is utterly fascinating to learn about these.
  4. Psychology- It is the study of behaviours and mind. It gives insightful knowledge about the basic functions of how a human mind works and helps us understand each other better.
  5. Sociology- It is an exciting choice if you think about how a society works and how different behaviours are accommodated within. It is a fascinating subject.
  6. Geography- Study of India’s and World’s physical features like flora- fauna and their evolution is discussed in depth.
  7. Public Administration- Offers ultimate knowledge regarding the working of administration inside our country and different parts of the world.
  8. Entrepreneurship- This subject resembles Business studies and talks about basic definitions types and is great for you if you wish to have a startup of your own.

Career opportunities after education

There are several job opportunities for a Humanities pass out. You can have a lavishing life working in THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATIONS. Check their official site for more information. Next up we have direct entry to the bureaucracy by clearing UPSC, SSC or State PSC and many more. Taking up psychology opens up many opportunities in that area as well. FASHION opens up a whole new world of glamour. Economics with or without Math, takes you to the financial sector.

Archaeology department waits for you to take up history PhD and unfold the secrets of history that are hidden deep inside. Every humanities student can take up content writing as a carrier to enhance the writing skills and shape the future of any institution.

English honours have a bright future in the literature aspect of life with editing and copywriting. Journalism is now an emerging career option. Take up humanities and see yourself becoming an aware citizen and better individual.