How Visualization Can Help You Meet Your Travel Goals

Visualization is the practice of mindfully visualizing everything you want to come true in your life. It is another form of manifestation, which is the practice of believing your desires to already be true, which brings these to your life in abundance.

Visualizing your goals when it comes to traveling is an excellent idea. Travel can be super stressful, and you may find yourself focusing more on planning, thinking, and trying to get everything to go smoothly that you’re unable to enjoy your trip.

Here’s how to use visualization to help you meet your travel goals.

Try a Manifestation Journal

Visualization is a visual type of manifestation. In practice, it usually involves picturing images in your mind or writing them on paper. If you’re someone who likes to have concrete data on paper, you may find that starting a visualization journal will work for you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose or buy a blank journal to write in with a pen you like.
  2. Think about your travel goals. Ask yourself, “what do I most want to accomplish on my trip?”
  3. Write down exactly how you want your trip to go.
  4. Instead of using the future tense, write in the present tense. Write things such as “I am so glad everything is going smoothly at the airport.”

Writing in the present tense to manifest your desires is proven to teach our minds to think positively. When we are thinking positively and feeling calm, we can focus more clearly on our tasks, planning, and any problems that may arise.

Meditate Before Your Trip

Meditation is proven to calm your nervous system, allowing your body to feel safe. Practicing it on the go might not feel so possible. However, it is! A study shows that even those in workplaces could meditate during their day. Those who meditated had a substantial decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and an overall increase in calmness.

To meditate before your trip or on the go, you can try a couple of techniques:

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, counting to 5 to breathe in and counting to 8 to breathe out.
  • Visualize in your mind everything good that could happen on your trip. Think about how this would make you feel emotionally. Simply let negative thoughts pass without dwelling on them or judging them.
  • Listen to a guided meditation or download a meditation app for calming activities.

Meditation can be extremely valuable in a busy new city, a hotel room, or an airport setting before or during your trip.

Visualize What You Want to Happen

Simply visualizing in your mind’s eye what you want to happen is proven to have some success in nervous system regulation. Many people report feeling calmer and achieving their goals after setting them or thinking about them in detail.

Try some brief visualization exercises at home before your trip, in the hotel on your trip, and any time you get some time alone. Use deep breathing exercises in tandem with this skill to further strengthen your sense of wellbeing and calmness.

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