How Valuable Is VoIP In Implementing A B2B Marketing Strategy

Sales are what keeps a business alive. So let us ask you, how’s your business doing? If you’re not meeting your desired profit margins (granted that they’re realistic), then it may be time to shake things up.

Especially now as we move through the digital age, it’s super important to ensure that we’re evolving with the technology as well as our clientele. Besides, you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Your marketing team may be working hard, but if they’re not meeting the goals, then something’s wrong. Perhaps the stress of planning and crafting an ad campaign leaves them no time to attend to client-facing concerns.

And with a disorganized system, performing tasks would even be much harder. That’s why it’s necessary to provide them the support needed so they can function efficiently. One of these tools is VoIP and a business phone number.

Find out more about this tool and how it can be advantageous to implement a marketing strategy in this post.

VoIP… what should you know about it?

To better conceptualize VoIP, think of it as an endless series of infrastructure. The only difference is there’s no actual infrastructure. Everything is created and exists through the internet.

Also, instead of your traditional phone companies, you avail of VoIP services through providers like Betacompany. Like most providers, they offer their service on a per month basis, allowing you more flexibility on how you would budget your capital.

VoIP reseller makes communication possible through the internet instead of copper wires. Therefore, it would require a strong internet connection to work. Ideally, WiFi would be what you’re connected to, but a good connection on mobile data would also do the trick.

How does it help with B2B marketing strategy?

1. It makes your remote team freer and more mobile.

With virtual business number, you can work whenever you want! This is a good thing because you can now distribute your team all around the world so that one will always be working.

This way, if there’s something relevant that you can use for marketing, they’d be able to respond to it. Also, you can prefer VoIP Phone Systems that help to manage your marketing business.

And remember, not everything could be done right away. The 24/7 sales team also helps with this. For example, you just launched a Facebook ad.

Instead of having to wait until the next day to see how it performed, the next shift could look into it immediately. They could even create something for a split test for your approval!

Regardless of where your staff is on a particular shift, trust that they’d still be able to collaborate effectively. Good thing that getting assistance from Managed Service Providers is now possible. Miami IT support experts effectively and efficiently implement VoIP phone systems in business organizations, boosting productivity among employees.

2. You’ll have more to spend on ads.

Because you don’t have to install, maintain, or repair any physical equipment or infrastructure, you now have a lot of cash that you can use for whatever you want. Why not spend that on ads?

Or if you really were spending that much on communication before, perhaps you can even hire a new team member.

With more funds you can spend on marketing, perhaps you can generate more income. For example, let’s say that you earn $10 for every dollar that you spend on ads. So if you have, say, an extra $200, you’ll be getting $2,000 more from your campaign.

Having this happen every month will allow you to scale up more quickly. The extra you’d earn, you could reinvest in ads to improve your profit margins even more.

3. It makes employee onboarding easier.

Although it’s still necessary to orient your new employees on what the culture is like and what to expect, there’s nothing that would come close to learning from work itself.

Having VoIP allows these new hires to get the full experience – from the culture to the workflow and to everything else.

Because you can record calls as well, you can have them learn from the field without actually being there when it happens. For example, one of your older employees may have already encountered a relatively rare scenario before the new person was hired.

So with call recording, they can just listen to how the conversation went and how the problem was solved.

When they get a VoIP business phone number, they could also join calls so they could shadow their more experienced colleagues. In the same way, these experienced colleagues can monitor and guide the newbie along the way.

Regardless of the nature of business, VoIP will always be a smart and viable solution to ensuring the best utilization of financial resources within the organization.

For sales strategies, it’s more important than ever. Knowing that having businesses as clients comes with a different set of expectations compared with B2C enterprises, keeping your sales team running like a well-oiled machine is your key to success.