How Using Talkspace Will Help You With Your Love Life

Falling in love and dating in today’s day and age can be quite an experience. There are so many avenues that lead to love. Let’s dive in to talk about the ups and downs of falling in love and how you can properly handle the experience in the best way possible so you stay in good mental shape.

Signs that You May Be Falling in Love

After you have swiped right and you have gone on dates that have seem to have gone well, you are moving past the stages of connection and surface level conversations. You know that you are in love when they are all you can think about during the day, your heart skips a beat when you’re around them, and you feel like there is a genuine connection between the two of you. A strong connection where the dialogue is made obvious that the two of you want to have a future together is when your heart is in that space of true love.

What Happens to the Body and Mind when Falling in Love?

The problem with falling in love is the experience of it all and the different symptoms and side effects of this feeling. Dr. Amy Cirbus, director of Clinical Content over at Talkspace, has stated that the relationship we have with ourselves and others is usually the foundation from which our mental health is built upon. It’s very clear in her statement that your relationship can either improve your life or cause mental harm. Butterflies, giddy feelings, lack of sleep, among other symptoms are all signs that you may experience after starting a new relationship.

Dopamine is a hormone known for being the “hormone of desire.” Responsible for being the rush of feeling in your body when you’re feeling overwhelmed, the person you love can be responsible for the dopamine rush. This can be both good but also be a side problem. Having somebody be the reason for your happiness can be the start of an unhealthy relationship.

Unhealthy Love

It’s the feeling of having to check their social media, wanting to be with them all day everyday, arguing over little things, and feelings of possessiveness are all different versions of unhealthy love. When you reach this point, falling in love can be detrimental to your mental and emotional health. Properly addressing your personal issues either with a therapist on Talkspace or with your partner is important to properly have the right boundaries and create an open dialogue for healing.

There are so many stages to falling in love, and when anxiety and thoughts of trying to be in control creep in, it’s vital to take a hard look at how you are processing the relationship. Working with a therapist through Talkspace is a solid way to work through one’s own demons and properly understand where to start the healing process. Talkspace is a safe space that connects everyone to an individual therapist online that will provide incredible solutions for growth and developing inner peace.