How to Use Twitter in Business

Yes, You Can Make Money on Twitter!

When it comes to marketing solutions, Twitter has proven to be one of the top methods used today for many people who have an on-line business or need to promote on-line. When you follow a few simple guidelines, you will discover how Twitter can work to give your business a lift in its marketing niche. You are opening up the door to new online connections.

Business to business marketing on twitter provides some significant opportunities. The key is to understand who your audience is on twitter. For example if you are an airline parts manufacturer, you want to build up a following of airline executives, purchasers and other influencers for your twitter account.

Twitter is a social media website that you can successful use to enhance your business. You needto learn how to make it work for you in order to help your online business. Social media is no longer considered a distraction to a business but instead now it is considered a form of marketing to increase traffic to the online business.

Smart tips on how to harness Twitter’s power in your web marketing

You need to learn how to use Twitter effectively so that you can develop online connections. You need to start by building an excellent profile that accurately reflects the company and yourself if you are ahead of the company. You should include a picture of your product or yourself if you are providing a service that can be part of your Twitter account.

Twitter is a great resource for you to share from your blogs, products, etc.. When you are starting to do blogging or product marketing, you will find that there are great tools for managing your social media postings where you can learn about blogging and how to use them with your Twitter account.

The first 140 characters are what a Tweet consists of so make your blogs first 140 characters count so you will entice others to read what you have written. You will be surprised how quickly your flow of traffic will increase once you start to use Twitter.

Many people find that it is difficult to keep their Twitter account up-to-date but it is very important to maintain it in order for it to be effective for your business. This is a great marketing tool when it is used properly. You need to keep up with the replies and retweets related to the product or company in order to maintain your presence on the website. You should use hash tags, searches, and other tools to monitor what other people are saying about your products or company.

When you have followers make sure that you reply to them and encourage them to visit your website. You will soon discover that the list will grow helping you to get new traffic. When you get Tweets that are worth reading post them on your website. You need to Tweet regularly about relevant things in your marketing niche. When you Tweet about things that is valuable to others then you soon will find you have a list of followers.

Be sure to follow other Twitter users who are in the same niche and follow their postings. Many will in turn also follow your account as well.  One of the hardest things for you to do is acknowledge complaints but this is very important because you do not want many Tweets popping up about your product or service. Send replies to those who are your followers in order to keep the Tweet circle active and to draw others into the group. You can use your Tweet account to introduce a new product or an addition to your services.

Check out fellow Twitter users to find out what they have to bring to the table you might want to follow their Tweets to see how well they are doing. You can always use information brought to you from others who are interested in your niche to apply to your own business.

Twitter Planning

Follow these simple steps to start your path to Twitter success:

Step 1 – Do Your Homework

You’re going to need to spend some time doing research on who you want to target. Try and find web sites of the companies and/or people you want to target and find their twitter accounts. For high profile people see if they have a personal twitter account. Importantly also look for competitor twitter accounts, industry associations or trade magazine accounts and other influencers. Build a spreadsheet and make notes about each account.

Step 2 – Build Tweeting Plan for Your Twitter Account

You need to have a strong plan for what you’re going to communicate and when you’re going to communicate it. It can seem like a daunting task to come up with a couple hundred 140 character tweets for the next few months – but its doable. First anything you publish, write, post or communicate in any other medium should be tweeted as well. Second, for non-competitive twitter accounts you can follow their tweets and retweet anything that would be of interest to your audience. This can be beneficial in providing your account useful tweets but it will also endear you to the other account owner and hopefully they will reciprocate. You can also compile a list of interesting facts, quotes, resources, etc. that you can tweet over time.

Step 3 – Build Your Following Plan

The secret with twitter following growth is two fold. First its content and tweets as outlined in step 2. The second secret is you need to slowly follow all of these twitter accounts you compiled in step 1 and ALSO follow their followers and who they are following. Each day follow a few more accounts – and if you’re posting good content many of them will follow you back. Note that you might hit twitter limits and have to use a tool like to see who hasn’t followed you back and unfollow them to free up more opportunity to follow other accounts. Beware though! Twitter will ban you if you’re too aggressive in this practice. Go slow with it and build up a good reputation and good tweets and over the long haul you can have a successful account.

Thinking about buying Twitter followers? Influencive says that you should be careful if you go down that route – and only use a trusted service.

Step 4 – Interact

Twitter allows you to interact with your followers. You can monitor the people you’re following for interesting news and other tweets that you can retweet or reply to and have a conversation. Engaging your audience can be very useful. There are many great tools in the market for managing conversations, alerting when certain topics are mentioned, etc. (check out Hoot Suite’s website for one great option)

Step 5 – Traditional Marketing

It probably goes with out saying, but you need to let the world know you have a twitter account. Certainly let existing customer know and make sure they realize that they can get good and insightful information on your account (maybe also include coupons or other benefits for existing customers). Be sure and publish your link on your web site, business cards, etc. Having a twitter feed on your site can be helpful as well.

Building a strong and robust twitter account is an investment. But if done properly and targeting the right audience over time you can find success with your target market looking to your twitter account for industry insight and great information.