How to use custom rugs to beautify your home

If you want your home to look as elegant and vibrant as you imagine, you need one center of attention. No, it is not the furniture or the color of your wall, but the rug on your floor will make all the difference. Custom rugs are more in demand today than they ever were. The fact of the matter is that everyone loves to have a beautiful handmade rug in their living room, but due to varied decorative aspects, one dimension of rug cannot fit all the homes. Some decor demands a circular rug while others may want only a small rug beneath the dining table. Whatever it is, custom rugs are needed very often. So, don’t be surprised if you have concluded after looking at tens of rugs in the market that you need a custom size rug. It’s natural.

If you are planning to buy carpets and area rugs for your home, there are a couple of aspects you must consider. Rather than paying an interior designer a hearty amount to decorate, read through this quick article to learn all you want to about how to use custom rugs in your home.

1. Decide the price

This point comes first for a lot of reasons. It is only you have set a limit to your expense should you consider to further into the process and make any more decisions. It should not be that after considering all the factors you find yourself giving overboard with the budget. This way, you will not only lose money but also time if you decide to go back and start working on the steps again. So, it is always a plus point to have a minimum and maximum range of budget decided beforehand. Learn more here about the prices of high quality handmade natural jute rugs that will surely add value to your home.

2. Map your room out

Start by making kind of a blueprint of the room you will be placing your rug inside. If it’s the living room, map out the positions of your furniture, the tv unit, your sofa, and more. Once that is set in place you will have a better picture to refer to when deciding the dimensions of the rug. Make sure you give some thought to making this blueprint because once you set your room in a way, it wouldn’t be soon when you will be changing it. The decor will be staying like that at least for a couple of years before you make any further changes.

3. Take measurements

Once you have the blueprint, you should now take the measurements. The exact size of your custom rug that will fit in the room. When considering the measurement, it is always good to take a couple of inches of the buffer. It is better to have a slightly larger rug than a smaller one. So, keep these factors in your mind before deciding.

4. What design do you like?

You must choose a design you like. Maybe it is from a previous rug you have seen or something that you have drawn that you want on your rug. Whatever the scenario, having a design is a great way to start your conversations with your custom rug maker. You should also make sure of the kind of material used. The place you are going to put the rug in a high traffic area, you need a strong material like wool or maybe even jute. If it’s in your bedroom, you can go for cotton. For the office, you can use leather or even wool. There are multitudes of options to choose from and you need to make a decision. The material you choose is also going to decide the life of the rug.

Once you have followed these four steps, you should now place your order and wait for the rig to be made. The entire process can take a couple of days to make, some take months. But you need to be patient. Once you receive the rug, make sure you check everything starting from the site used to the dimension and patterns to see if everything is on point. If there are any issues, contact your custom rug maker and get it fixed.

When everything is done and dusted, you should simply sit down and enjoy your rug. Maintaining custom rugs is also easy. You can ask your custom rug maker and get advice on how to preserve the elegance of the rug for a long time. They should be able to help you with clear guidance. All the best!