How to Use an Infrared Sauna the Right Way

Unless you just landed from another planet, you must have noticed that infrared sauna sessions have become the new trend. Almost every one of your friends is doing it, and you must be asking yourself why the urgency. Unlike traditional saunas, dating back nearly 2000 years ago, infrared saunas are modern and known to offer many health benefits. Here, we focus more on the benefits of infrared sauna in Australia. Also, we eventually will switch our attention to practical ways to use the sessions correctly to ensure significant results.

Stay Hydrated before the Session

During a sauna session, it’s evident that you are going to sweat a lot. Often, specialists insist that you treat the sauna session like a sweaty workout session. The same way you drink plenty of water during your workout sessions should be the same way you drink the water before visiting the sauna. Ensure that you drink a little more water than you would drink on a typical day. A liter of water per session can do the magic. Most people tend to consume too much alcohol before the session, which is no. Doing so can make you feel extra dehydrated, thus eliminating the importance of your session.

Consider the Materials your Sauna is made from

When considering a sauna session, it’s important to note that not all saunas are created equal. Therefore, you should perform thorough research on the materials used to build it. A sauna is considered as a sanctuary of well-being. So, you should avoid all kinds of toxic materials, such as paints, glues, cheap plywood, and varnishes for your safety. Electromagnetic Radiation Emissions should be a red flag. You should consider eco-friendly saunas for their natural, non-toxic components. Going for such saunas not only ensures a useful session but also guarantees good health. Here’s our top recommendation when it comes to the best residential and commercial Sauna Adelaide

Choose your Timing Wisely

Now and then, people are always asking, what is the right time to attend a sauna session? The truth of the matter is that there is never a specific time. The time you choose depends on your schedule and need for the therapy. It’s recommended that you go for the evening sessions, however. This ensures that your body and mind relax and, thus, good night’s sleep. Also, you can consider the morning sessions to help clear your mind for the day ahead.

Cleanse yourself before Diving in

Before diving into the sauna, it’s recommended that you ensure your skin is clear. Jump into the shower to clear any makeup, dirt, sweat, or lotion. The step may seem unnecessary, but it’s worth every move as it ensures chemical-free pores and fresh skin. In return, this provides an effective detoxification process.

Sit up Straight

What is the right posture during a sauna session? Some people are always asking this question. For most people, lying across the bench should be the proper posture. After all, sauna sessions should offer relaxation. Well, according to specialists, sitting up straight is the correct posture. The sauna seats are designed to allow this posture. By sitting up straight, the heaters will be directly aimed at your body’s front and back. With the heaters directly aimed at you, this allows your body to absorb much of the infrared as possible.

What should you Wear?

If it’s your first time using an infrared sauna, you may find yourself confused when it comes to choosing the right apparel for the sessions. Well, the idea here is to stay relaxed, and this means going for clothes that you find comfortable. In this case, if you are into shorts and tees, you can still use them for your sessions. However, you must ensure that they are lightweight. In-home saunas, you can consider the ‘birthday suit’ if that is ok with you. When it comes to your clothing, experts always advise that you wear loose-fitting clothing. Why the loose-fitting, you may ask. Well, you can imagine the struggles that come while trying to force a pair of tight jeans or leggings up your sweaty legs. Therefore, going for something loose and comfortable will handle this scenario as you are even more likely to sweat afterward.

Allow time to Cool Down

When planning your sauna sessions, always ensure that you have time at your disposal to get back to your core temperature and wash away the sweat. Allow yourself five to 15 minutes to cool down. A cold shower could also help if it came in handy. That’s however, dependent on how long your session was. Showering is crucial since sweating is one of your body’s main detoxification processes. You would want to wash away all that stuff you sweated out, so your skin doesn’t reabsorb it. Don’t make the mistake of re-entering your hectic daily life without any transition. The cooling down will help much with prolonging the relaxation.

Allow time to Cool Down

Now and then, you have heard of the good stories associated with infrared sauna sessions. In this article, you will learn about the various ways you can make your sauna sessions more effective. Read through the article to better understand everything that the saunas have in store for you.