How to Use a Heating Shaving Cream Dispenser

Many people enjoy a clean shave that happens without much effort. Ever wondered how you could achieve that effortlessly but still got no solution? Well, it is simple. You can accomplish this by having the tools needed for the procedure and enough knowledge to use them.

Rubbing your shaving gel or cream onto your face and removing hair is ideally what most people do. While it may be true, you can only get to remove some of the facial hairs. But that is not going to be a clean shave, one that you had intended. The secret to a fair and clean shave is using heated shaving cream.

Getting Started

Wondering how you can get your shaving cream hot for use? This is where a heating shaving cream dispenser comes in. The device warms the shaving cream you are using. Warm shaving cream produces a cleaner, smoother, and more relaxing shave each time. Most barbers achieve a cleaner shave when using hot lather.

Importance of Hot Lather in Shaving

Using heated shaving cream brings blood nearer to the skin. This, in turn, opens up your pores for the hair shafts to expand. Here, moisture easily accesses the skin to make it warm as well as wet. When the beard is warm and moist, it becomes relatively easy to wipe off the hair. For those of you who are coarse-bearded, the hot lather is the answer to a close shave.

A heating shaving cream dispenser provides hot lather in a matter of minutes. It ensures you get to shave fast and efficiently. Most people don’t know how to use the device correctly. Well, here are the steps that you can follow to use a hot lather dispenser correctly.

Steps to Using a Heating Shaving Cream Dispenser

  1. Have all your items at hand. These include the hot lather dispenser and the cream itself. Most lather dispensers come with a mini-screwdriver at the bottom for popping the top off on the shaving cream container.
  2. For efficiency, the dispensers come with different nozzles, mostly two, for either shaving cream or shaving gel. Ensure you choose the right nozzle and attach it to the top of the shaving cream can. Make sure it is properly attached and that it will not come off when lifted.
  3. Lift the can by the attached nozzle and place it in the base container of the dispenser. Once it is inside, twist it a little to ensure it is well connected and does not wobble while in use. Remember, you are using electricity, so make sure everything is well connected.
  4. It only takes about 1 or 2 minutes for the shaving cream to heat up to the required warmth. Usually, there is an LED light indicator at the top of the nozzle that indicates whether the foam or gel is warm or not. When ready, the indicator illuminates a bright red light.
  5. Now that your shaving cream is warmed up, it is time to use it on your face. Press it down and to your hands or your shaving brush, and you are good to go. We advise that you use a shaving brush to apply the cream so that your hands are dry enough to hold the razor for a steady shave.


If you have been wondering how you can get a clean and close shave in the rush of the morning, wonder no more. Heating shaving cream dispenser is the way to go. Knowing the best way to use it will save you more time to achieve your smooth look fast and easy. Just ensure to follow the steps to use the dispenser correctly.