How to Tell if a Piece of Furniture is High Quality

When you furnish your home, it is understandable to be picky and finicky about everything you choose. You want the perfect decorations along with the best furniture pieces to make your home look fabulous. When you tour around furniture stores, certain pieces may catch your eye, which can make you buy them instantly without really knowing what they’re made of or how durable they are. You can always trust reputed brands like restoration hardware. Since you’re picking furniture for your home, you want to make sure that it is long-lasting and firm. Read on to learn easy ways that will help you identify high-quality furniture.

What It Is Made of

Regarding wooden furniture, you should know that numerous types of wood vary in durability, price, and texture. That’s why when you’re about to buy a sofa or a chair, make sure you ask the salesman about the material used. Try to avoid materials like Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and veneer as they are crafted wood that is human-made. They tend to be extremely thin, which makes them unreliable to use. The furniture you need is one that is completely made of solid wood rather than a combination of veneer and solid wood.

It Shouldn’t Wobble

Your furniture should standstill on the floor; it shouldn’t feel like a seesaw when you’re sitting on it. When you’re at an upholstery store, make sure you check the stability of their products. In case you notice that the furniture wobbles, avoid buying it; it is undoubtedly a bad quality. Try to visit trustworthy stores that ensure the stability of their furniture; the Ohio-based crafters at Amish Outlet Store stresses that everyone should purchase high-quality furniture that has tremendous strength and durability. Maple, white oak, walnut, and hickory are among some exceptional materials you should always look for when you’re buying furniture.

The Construction

The first thing to test in a chair or a sofa is the quality of its construction. The easiest way to do so is to check the joints; they should be either screwed or dovetailed. If that is the case, know that this furniture is worth buying, even if it was a bit expensive. You don’t want to invest in some furniture pieces that have nailed or stapled joints. These tend to be such poor quality and would never last for a long period. You should also avoid chairs with joints where you can see bits of glue showing; they’re a big no-no.

The Fabric Material

It is hard to tell if a piece of furniture is high-end or not if it is covered by fabric, yet you can still tell if it is good or bad by checking the filling. Whenever you visit a retail store, ask the salesmen about the material of the fabric used on the piece you choose; they should be able to provide full details about it. You can check it yourself, too; if you’re buying a chair or a sofa, try to look inside the cushions. Seat cushions should not have less than 1.8 pounds of foam. Make sure that the foam is wrapped in fiber or has a protective cover. Back cushions, however, should have a loose filling, yet they should have internal compartments that will prevent the foam from settling.

How It Looks

If you see a chair or a table have a unified look, know that they’re not made of solid hardwood; they’re made of manufactured wood. Organic wood comes from trees, so it should have this natural imperfect look of it. When the furniture is made of a combination of veneer and different woods, it surely is low quality. You should always look for furniture pieces that are entirely made of solid hardwood.

How Much It Costs?

Furniture that is made entirely of solid hardwood is more expensive than that made from veneer and a combination of different wood. The higher the quality is, the more expensive it becomes. For that reason, if you see two beds that share the same style and dimensions and their prices are remarkably different, one of them must be MDF or veneer-based.