How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is one of America’s most famous canines. They are intelligent, people-loving, beautiful, and tolerant, making them great companions and appropriate family pets. They are a family dog; hence they need to be indoors. 

It is suitable for a first-time dog owner because of its friendly and obedient nature. Although Golden retrievers are easy to train, they, however, need proper care and attention to maintain their health. Consider investing in a few key things such as the best shampoo for Golden Retrievers, the best food and of course a quality lead. Like every other purebred, they are prone to certain health conditions; hence they need proper care and maintenance. Putting your golden retriever in an excellent physical and mental state will help keep them healthy.

How to Genuinely Love Your Golden Retriever

These are a few ways to take care of a golden retriever.

Help them settle in their new environment.

Puppy golden retrievers adapt faster to their environment than the adult. Within the first few days of bringing the golden retriever into your home, it is essential to confine the dog to a room for a few days and feed them the same food they are used to get them settled in.

Feed them the Best Food Possible

Golden retrievers are foodie; they can eat anything they see. It is crucial to monitor them and control what they eat, and If not adequately fed, golden retrievers can develop skin conditions and allergies. Please provide them with the best hypoallergenic dog food you can afford and watch them so that they don’t consume too much to avoid getting overweight.

Show them Affection

Golden retrievers are playful and make great companions. They love it when you show them affection and give them attention. Golden retrievers love to be around you at all times and can get depressed if left for too long. Throw a stick or ball to your dog to fetch, take them for a walk to meet new people or new protection dogs; they love to socialize.

Groom Your Dog Regularly

Golden retrievers shed a lot in spring and fall. Brushing the entire body of your dog keeps them neat and shining and minimizes shedding. 

Steps to properly groom your dog

  • You can give your dog a good trim using scissors or get a professional to have it done for you. 
  • Bathe your dog with water at room temperature, preferably in a bathtub. He loves it there. 
  • Apply canine shampoo to keep the body neat at all times.  You can find specialty options such as English bulldog shampoo for example.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth daily

Keep them Healthy

You can keep your golden retriever healthy with the following steps.

  • Have a daily exercise plan to include mental stimulations.
  • From time to time, monitor the eyes, hips, elbows, and the behavior of your golden retrievals for signs of unusual pain. If you notice any pain or that your golden retrieval is aggressiveness, lack of appetite, or has weight loss, consult a veterinarian for a checkup. 
  • Take your golden retriever to the veterinarian at least once a year because they are prone to some conditions resulting from their genetics.

The Last Bark

If you cannot spend quality time with your golden retriever, you should consider other dog breeds, they love to see you, and they are at their best when they are around you.