How To Sell RuneScape Gold Safely

To those wanting to sell their hard-earned RuneScape, the hard part is figuring out the whole process the first time. Selling Runescape gold, in general, is easy, but it can be a lot easier if you can deal with a trusted company.

Also don’t expect a windfall from your RuneScape venture since you need a ton of RS gold to make consistent income out of this. You should not be selling small amounts, otherwise, you won’t be able to gain that much real money.

So what are the things you should look out for when trying to sell your RuneScape gold?

Customer Reviews

The first thing you should check out is the reviews from your fellow players who already tried selling their gold to your chosen RuneScape gold site. Verified reviews from trusted third-party review companies are better, these include those that are in Trustpilot or

Most customers who don’t get what they were expecting typically leave a review to caution others. Check out as many review sites as you can to find out if this company is trustworthy or not. You don’t want your hard-earned gold to go to waste by having someone run away with them.

Look Out For Impostors

Scammers have found a new way to trick players in selling RS gold to them. One of the ways they do is by copying the website of some established RS gold sites like or Unsuspecting customers who have already checked reviews are confident to sell their gold only to find out later on that they sold their gold to a copycat site.

A good way to find out if the site is the real one is by checking the web address or URL, some fake sites are using Greek, Latin, or Cyrillic letters to imitate well-known brands in the industry. Keep in mind this might happen for any website you search on Google, and scammers often use similar-looking characters to trick you.

Some are also importing the page from the real site and is easily identifiable if some of the buttons or links are redirecting or not working at all.

Payout Schedule

Every company has its own rules for buying gold from the RS players. Some may take some time to send you your payment, others will pay you instantly. In our experience, being with those who can pay instantly is a good sign of their legitimacy and can bring a more rewarding experience as a seller.

Since selling RuneScape gold is a pretty straightforward process, getting paid is possible within a few minutes.

If a company is suggesting that you have to wait for days before you get paid, then you should not be selling your gold to them. The maximum you should wait is within 12 to 24 hours, anything more is an obvious scam.

RuneScape Gold Pricing

Prices offered for each RuneScape gold vary, and getting the best price is understandably your top priority, but be cautious when dealing with sites that offer you the most profit. Most of these companies do not plan on paying you at all that’s why they’re able to post such competitive prices.

The prices set by most established gold selling sites may differ by a few cents since they have different sources for their gold. A site offering you more than the current buying price for RS gold is an obvious red flag since no company in their right mind will knowingly incur a loss by buying overpriced RuneScape gold.

Final Thoughts

RuneScape gold is one of the most common online game currencies being exchanged online so you should be able to find dozens of sites asking you to sell your gold to them. Some of them are there to trick you, but there are still a handful of reliable gold sites that you can partner with to exchange your RS gold for real-world money.

Our best recommendation is to check the site’s verified reviews first, then verify the URL of the website to make sure that you’re on the correct web address, and lastly, try their support team’s responsiveness. Once all those are met or verified, you should now be ready to let go of your RS gold. Maybe you can also start planning what you’ll be doing with the money you’ll get from this sale.