How To Select The Right Destination For Your First Post-Covid Travel?

Having been here for almost two years, living with Covid is the new normal. As things are drifting towards normalcy, the travel industry is also back in the game. However, it’s now been adulterated with fear and anxiety.

Many factors will now come into play while planning a vacation. In these post-covid times, if you are planning a vacation, here is how you can select a perfect holiday destination.

Check the cancellation and rebooking policies

Flights, quarantine periods, regulations, guidelines and policies are changing by the day. The tourism guidelines of the destination in questions might change between the day you booked your travel and the departure day. Hence, make sure you go through the cancellation and rebooking policies before booking your vacation.

Be flexible with your travel plans. If the quarantine period of the said destination is too long, you might want to prepone or postpone your plans.

Understand quarantine and entry requirement

When planning an international vacation, make sure you completely understand the quarantine and entry requirements. Apart from finding the quarantine period at the destination, also find out whether you will need to quarantine on your return.

Furthermore, you will be responsible for making all the arrangement of your quarantine, from selecting the hotel to financing it. So, consider your options accordingly.

Select a less popular destination

You might have always wanted to travel to an exotic holiday island, but let me tell you my friend, you are not alone. There are thousands like you who want to spend their post-covid holiday at a popular tourist destination.

Owing to the current pandemic situation, selecting a less popular destination will be a more sensible idea. There are ample places that make up for a great holiday location and receive less crowd.

Additionally, also check the population density of the destination in question.

Try to travel close to home

Traveling close to home will be a real benefit. If you select a destination that is easily reachable by your private vehicle, you can bypass annoying stuff, such as flight cancellation, providing negative test reports, quarantine time, and more.

Traveling to a destination close to your home gives you an opportunity to enjoy a hassle-free vacation during these terrible times.

Check the status of virus at the destination

Covid is everywhere. Some places are dealing with it quite nicely, while some are still facing a tough time in containing the virus.

To keep yourself safe, select a destination that has coped well with the virus. Check the active number of cases and the measures they are taking to contain the infection.

Needless to say, select a destination with a lower number of active cases.  

The bottom line

Selecting the right destination is crucial for having a safe and comfortable travel experience during this current pandemic situation. Evaluating your destination based on these factors will help enjoy your vacation without having to constantly worry about getting infected.

Furthermore, check the airline policies if you need to fly to your destination and read their cancellation policy as well. Check the coverage of your travel insurance. Find out whether or not your insurance policy covers COVID-19 hospitalization because some destinations might ask for proof of travel or health insurance.

Also, refrain from staying at a crowded hotel. Either look for a less crowded hotel or a private accommodation like Kasa Living to have a private and safe stay experience.

Now that you know how to select the right destination for your post-covid vacation, break down the monotony of terrible covid years and globe-trot with your loved one.