How to Select the Best Block Puzzles

Block puzzles are an excellent way to engage your mind. Yet, with many of them available, it may be difficult to pick the right one.

Here are some ways to pick the best block puzzle:

1. Begin With the Easiest

As days keep on moving, your brain cells reduce in number. The bad news is that they slowly regenerate, and to keep them, they need to be sharpened to keep them active and alive. Some scientists recommend playing block game puzzles to help you achieve this goal.

If you’re just beginning the journey of playing puzzles, it’s best to pick the easiest games. There’s no need to burden your already stressed brain with complex puzzles. Instead, it would help if you started by downloading easy puzzles. These puzzles are entertaining and can help you get into the world of playing games without much struggle.

As you continue playing, you gain more experience. It’s only after that that you take your game to higher levels. You can achieve this in two ways. The first way is to play higher levels on the app that you have. If you’ve already exhausted all the levels, read other people’s reviews about apps that have more difficult levels.

2. Find Offline Alternatives

Even though most cities in the world have an internet connection, many other places on earth don’t. It’s easy to end up in a place with poor network coverage and where you can’t play an online game. If you happen to find yourself in such a place, an offline alternative, or an app that doesn’t require internet at all times may be your best option. If you download such a game, it will not only save you from a lot of stress, but it can also save you money.

Another alternative that old-school players love is a printable block puzzle game. Some apps that offer this option allow you to print puzzles on paper and work them out with a pencil. The advantage of this method is that you can call your friends to help you solve the challenges.

3.  Find Puzzles that Enable you to Compete in Tournaments

There’s nothing more enjoyable than competing against others in online gaming. If this motivates you, you should find an app that can allow you to participate in an online tournament. It’s okay to win or lose a game, but finding your real worth as a player is only possible after you’re ranked.

There are two types of block puzzle tournaments that you can engage in. The first type involves downloading apps that allow you to compete for its own sake. There’s no prize in such tournaments that you’re given except the flattering title of the best if you win a competition. If you’re okay with is, then you can find plenty of big games to entertain yourself.

However, some apps will let you engage in tournaments where you can win money. You can play block puzzle games and win actual cash. Such a tournament may enable you to plug the holes in your financial budget. Therefore, it’s worth a try.

The Bottom-line

Because time is money, you don’t want to waste it downloading an app that’ll only entertain you. Find apps that can put you to the challenge, offer easy games and tournaments that you can compete in.