How to secure your home this spring

Daffodils blooming. Bumblebees buzzing. Birds singing. Spring is most definitely on the way – but unfortunately for all of us, crime doesn’t end when the weather improves.

If anything, the risks increase as we go on holiday and spend more weekends away with the family.

While this time of year is ideal for getting outdoor areas ready for the summer, we mustn’t overlook the importance of keeping our properties secure – both inside and out.

Below, we share some easy ways to keep your home and belongings safe throughout the spring and beyond.

4 security tips for the season

1. Check your windows and doors

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your doors and windows. For example, wooden doors can expand and shrink when the temperate changes, affecting your locks.

In the UK, we receive more than our fair share of heavy downpours, and moisture can often seep into our window frames, weakening them.

That’s why, with warmer days to come, now is an ideal time to inspect windows and doors for potential defects. You can then look at repairing and replacing them before they get any worse and relax knowing that burglars won’t be able to enter your home with ease.

2. Install outdoor lighting

With lighter evenings in spring and summer, it may seem a tad odd to install outdoor lights. However, criminals often operate under a blanket of darkness.

Keeping your home well-lit on the outside (especially over hard-to-see areas like the bottom of the garden and the side of the house) will potentially deter thieves.

Motion sensor lights are always a good investment as they’ll alert you to suspicious ongoings as they occur.

As soon as motion is detected, they’ll illuminate.

These are particularly good if you’re planning to leave your house unattended to go on holiday, as the lights can alert neighbours to unusual activity outside your house.

3. Hide expensive or valuable items

Treated yourself to a designer handbag or watch? Perhaps Santa got you the latest games console?

It’s important to discard the packaging appropriately. Leaving the empty box next to your wheelie bin on the driveway is asking for trouble.

Avoid displaying lavish or sentimental items through the window or on social media too. Instead, hide them at the back of your wardrobe, under your bed, or in a safe.

4. Invest in a safe

Finding somewhere ‘safe’ to house your cherished possessions is a smart move and will certainly make it more difficult for thieves to get their hands on your belongings. However, the most discrete place to hide any valuables is in a safe.

Safes come in all shapes and sizes and can store all manner of items – be it jewellery, documents, electronics or cash. They’re also sold with a cash rating which determines the value of goods that most insurance providers will cover in the event of a break-in or damage.

A safe isn’t just good for protecting your valuables from burglars either, fireproof safes can ensure your important documents aren’t damaged or lost in the event of an accident.

Protect your home and enjoy the joys of Spring

Spring is a time when we say goodbye to the dark mornings and evenings, forget about the bad weather and enjoy some brightening up of our days.

Don’t let worry about your valuables and belongings cast a shadow on this time of year.

Take the time now to ensure your home is locked up, safe and secure, and keep your valuables out of the hands of criminals.