How to Run Sump Pump During Power Outage?

A sump pump might fail to perform for several reasons. Prolonged power outage is one of the common reasons, and when the sump pump stops functioning due to this issue, you have no other choice except to solve the problem immediately.

So, the question naturally arrives, how to run a sump pump during a power outage? Luckily, every problem comes with solutions.

Let’s get the answer.

1.  Adding a Battery Backup System

This is a common and most used solution.

You might have already understood the functionality of the battery backup system. During a power outage, a battery backup power system turns a sump pump on automatically to a secondary power source when the home electrical system is out of order.

Generally, a marine AGM type battery is used in a sump pump that has been drip charged during electricity. Automatic turn back to the circuit happens to provide power to the sump pump when the power returns. Then the battery turns to charging mode.

When buying a battery backup system, you should consider the required amperage of a sump pump.

2. Generator

Although the generator backup system is quite similar to the battery backup system, they differ in their working process. Rather than utilizing a charged battery system, the power source gets converted into electric power. Most of the time, fuel is used as the power source of the generator.

For sump pump backup systems, the usage of generators is on an increasing trend over the last few years. It is because more maintenance is mandatory to get the best performance from them.

However, generators run for an extended period compared to battery backup systems. In simpler words, as long as the generator has fuel in it, it will run uninterruptedly.

3. Water-powered Sump Pump

Want to keep your sump pump running efficiently during a power outage? Buy a water-powered sump pump.

Using the available pressure of your home’s water pipe, this device pumps extra water from your sump pit. In fact, it uses Venturi Effect effectively, reducing the outflow water pressure from the sump pit and creating a suction. Overall, it is an effective solution!

You might be thinking of using this system since it doesn’t require an electric power source to operate; remember that it also comes with a drawback.

These devices use too much water. At the same time, they are not ecological. Another thing is, when the water-powered sump pump is performing, you will be unable to use water in your house.

4. Secondary Sump Pump

Installing a secondary sump pump is another excellent way of keeping your sump pump. However, it doesn’t offer benefits when a power outage happens; it does help in different situations that can be catastrophic.

When the mechanical problem happens to your primary sump pump, the secondary sump pump starts working regardless of the power source system.

The secondary sump pump starts working when the primary pump turns off due to any reason. You might be wondering how it detects efficiently?

It has a float switch positioned inside the sump pit that triggers at a higher vertical point than the primary pump’s float switch. So, when the water level reduces to an unexpected level, the secondary sump pump turns on and starts removing out of the basement.

5. Installing a Sump Pump Alarm

Having a sump pump alarm installed in your sump basket is a good idea. The prime responsibility of these alarms is to monitor the sump pump water level. When the water level exceeds normal capacity, it notifies the homeowner. After getting the notification, you should take prompt action to keep the pump in a working model.

Some alarm systems send a text message to your mobile or e-mail to be notified when you are not at home. Generally, most models are battery-powered and are connected via Wi-Fi.


Does the sump pump work during a power outage?

When electric supply is unavailable, sump pumps stop work. To ensure the consistent working of the sump pump, you can add a battery backup system, whole house generator, secondary sump pump, or water-powered sump pump.

Does a sump pump need to be reset after a power outage?

After a power outage, inspect the pump without mistake. For backup pumps, the electrical circuit needs to be reset. Also, don’t forget to examine the wiring to make sure that the battery is up and operating again.

Last Words

Protecting your basement from flooding is significantly essential, and the sump pump plays a crucial role at this point. This device needs to work at its best during stormy weather or heavy rain. It mustn’t stop working due to a power outage.

We discussed different backup systems, and hopefully, you will not look for the answer to the question “how to run sump pump during power outage” after reading this guide.