How to Properly Maintain Your Lawn

A hallmark of a beautiful home is a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. The perfectly green patch makes the home look inviting and tidy, so you’ll want to give it the proper attention. Maintaining a lawn doesn’t have to be a full-time job, so here are some tips to help you out:


The one thing all of us know about a lawn is that it needs plenty of water. There is one big misconception that what suits the grass most is watering it a little bit every day. However, you’ll be much better off soaking it completely less often. For one thing, this is easier for you, because you don’t have to think about it every day. You can look at the grass and see when it needs water, then soak it. This is also beneficial to the grass because large amounts of water will penetrate to the root of the plant and give it what it needs, whereas a small amount might soak into the soil before it reaches the root. If you’re worried about giving it too much water – you can breathe easy, as all of the excess water will just soak into the soil around the grass.

Fertilizing and reseeding

Every now and then, because of the weather or some pest, your grass needs some sprucing. Planting a few extra seeds or adding fertilizer will bring it right back up. This can be a very easy process if you use the right tools and looking at hand held spreader reviews can help you choose something that will work for you. If you use an all-purpose fertilizer, you can buy it in bulk and use it for grass and everything else in your garden. When looking at seeds, make sure they are compatible with the grass that is already growing. To avail of professional lawn care at the lowest price, contact Greener Grass


The biggest enemy of grass is weeds. If you let them spread, they can overtake your lawn, but on the flip side, once you establish a healthy lawn, it can probably fend for itself. The easiest way to get rid of weeds? Get on your knees and start pulling them out with your hands. You can also get some low-toxicity herbicide and spray it on the weeds or get a tool that will pull them out from the roots. If the problem is very persistent, you should consult a horticulture specialist who might suggest a very specific method or product.


There are many reasons why you should regularly cut your grass. Firstly, regularly maintaining it will allow the plant roots to work more efficiently and give you a more beautiful lawn. Mowing the lawn will help encourage the grass to expand, which creates a thicker lawn – both visually appealing to the eye and able to fight off weeds better.

With these few tips, maintaining a lawn will be a breeze, and if you turn it into a part of your weekly routine, you won’t even think about it. During the summer, when the grass is most prominent and needs the most attention, you can treat it as physical activity in the sun.