How to Prepare for an Undergraduate Business Degree

You have a knack for numbers, the gift of gab, an entrepreneurial spirit and a managerial mindset. You lead your group projects, excel at presentations and have roughly five, million-dollar ideas a day. Or, perhaps, you don’t really see yourself in any of those assessments – you just harbour a hunch that you can make it in the business world. 

This article is for all the high school seniors and juniors looking ahead to a business degree. The prospect of leaving the safe confines of your high school experience to enter the vaunted hallways of a postsecondary institution may seem daunting, but there are ways you can set yourself up for success. 

In this article, let’s discuss a few tips for preparing for an undergraduate degree in business. 

Find a Mentor

Mentorship is an age-old practice, a part of work culture since time immemorial. There’s a good reason for that. You can squeeze a lot of technical knowledge from a textbook, but to learn certain real-world information, especially granular things like how specific industries work, you need to hear it from the proverbial horse’s mouth. 

To prepare for your business degree, seek out mentorship from a sector of the business world you’re interested in joining. There are several institutions devoted to nurturing the businesspeople of tomorrow, including programs geared toward high school students. For a more conventional route, you can also check out this Entrepreneur article about finding a mentor

Take a High School Business Course Online

Your high school may not offer a business course – but that’s okay. Find a quality e-school that allows you to complete your high school credits online and enrol in a business course. Look for a course like BBB4M, or Grade 12 International Business, which covers the fundamentals of international business and trade in the global economy. The course will help familiarize you with concepts and practices you’ll see in postsecondary business programs. 

One of the great things about online education is that it’s flexible. You can complete the course around your current school schedule. 

Buy Your Undergrad Textbooks in Advance

Most campus bookstores allow you to search for textbook resources by course. If you know you’re going to be taking a particular business course next year, why not get the jump on studying? 

Not every concept contained in the literature will make sense to you (that’s where a quality prof proves indispensable). Still, at least you will be able to familiarize yourself with the course’s basic structure. Plus, studying ahead shows initiative – a critical quality in the business world. 

Learn a Foreign Language Online

In an increasingly globalized business world, multilingualism is an asset. It’s especially important if you plan on studying international business. Luckily, learning a language online is easy. Use a free site like Duolingo to brush up on your French, learn the rudiments of Mandarin or hone your German skills. 

If you’re nervous about entering this next phase of your education, a little preparation goes a long way. Be the quickest person in the room on the first day of classes by following these preparatory tips.