How To Pick the Right Mattress for You?

Do you wake up with aches and pains? Is peaceful sleeping becoming an issue for you? Do you toss and turn a lot at night? If even a couple of answers to the above questions are yes, you need to get a new mattress.

There is more to sleeping than just the hours you sleep. As in everything, quality matters more than quantity. It would be best if you slept well because a night of good sleep guarantees a good day. Insufficient sleep becomes the cause of many diseases and disorders ranging from obesity to strokes, from dementia to depression.

You must have experience grouchiness after a disturbing night. If this disturbance continues, the body shows signs of unrest, leading to diseases and disorders.

Many people are unaware that the place you rest greatly affects your sleep. And as much as the ambiance counts, your bed and mattress also play a significant role. Your entire body needs to relax, and the weight is well-supported to relax your mind.

The mattress should be hard enough to support your weight and soft enough to give your spine a neutral position for optimum relaxation. And believe me, the first time you lie on the mattress that is just right for you, it will feel like winning the jackpot on Everygame casino welcome bonus!

In the article below, we will discuss finding a mattress best suited to your body.

How To Find the Best Mattress

Continuously waking up tired can be alarming. It can be a symptom of many things, including a bad mattress. Yes, a bad mattress can cause fatigue instead of refreshing you. Ideally, a mattress needs to be changed every seven years because, over time, a mattress can lose its firmness and cause aches and pains.

Finding the right mattress for your body can be a task. It isn’t as simple as walking into a shop and pointing at what you like. To get good sleep, you need a queen mattress that provides relaxation. There are different types of mattresses in the market.

Experts have made these to match different bodies (weight) and different patterns. It is best to know a few facts about yourself before going to buy a mattress. Let us tell you what those factors are.

Sleeping Position

Knowing in what position you sleep most of the night is crucial. There are three possible positions you can sleep in, on your back, tummy, or sides. The sleeping position defines where your body weight is centered. It would be important that you get the right support to make your body comfortable and relaxed.

Your weight

Keep your weight under consideration as well. For people who weigh less, you need to go in for a softer mattress, and for people who weigh more, you will need a harder one. An average mattress is good for people who are neither heavy nor light. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest), you should go for number 6.

Your body type

Each body type is different. Some people are tall, some short, some with a lower body weighing heavy, and others with an upper-body weighing more. Keeping your body type and weight under consideration is important because you need to offload your spine and release pressure from all body parts.

Pain and healthcare

Many people need to change their mattresses because of some pain, especially people with pain in the back. A firm mattress is very good for people with back aches, and a medium to firm mattress is for people with aches and pains in joints, muscles, and shoulders.


You cannot buy anything without determining your budget, but remember, if your budget is low, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good mattress because quality is not dependent upon price.

Types Of Mattresses

Most people do not know that there are four types of mattresses you can choose from, apart from their thickness and firmness. Each mattress has a function of its own, to distress and neutralize the body. Here are the types of mattresses and which one you should use.


Foam is the most widely used and entirely made of foam with no coils. They adjust well to the body forms and are ideal for side sleepers as they allow good motion isolation. They also provide weight distribution due to their figure contouring property, providing pressure relief in the spinal area. Widely speaking, there are four types of foams.

  • Polyurethane foam is firm and hence is used as the bottom layer, and sometimes it is used as the only layer to provide a cheaper but firm mattress.
  • Open-cell foam is less dense but more breathable. It responds better to body pressure.
  • Memory foam is the more famous foam. It uses different layers of foam to contour your body form completely. It is especially good for people with a heavy frame and those who sleep on their sides. The only drawback is it traps heat.
  • Foam blends are an enhancement of memory foam. The airflow is improved with the help of gels and perforation, so it regulates the mattress temperature.


Innerspring mattresses were very popular at one time because of their affordability. They consist of coils at the bottom, with a thin layer of padding at the top to keep the coils from poking.

These mattresses do not provide motion isolation, which makes them an unwise choice if you do not sleep alone. The newer versions of the innerspring mattress are more bouncy and firm than their predecessors and provide much more comfort.


A Hybrid mattress is a mixture of innerspring and foam mattresses. They have a support system of individual coils, pocketed separately with a foam layer as a comfort-support system. This double layering allows the sleeper to enjoy the benefits of both. The foam on top helps the contouring to provide comfort and relaxation, while the coils at the bottom allow the airflow to regulate the temperature.

These mattresses are expensive, but the dual functionality makes them much more durable, which covers the price. A hybrid mattress provides greater airflow combined with firm support and is ideal for most people.


A latex mattress comprises three layers of latex foam, providing durability and coolness. The buoyant support of the latex mattress combines with the gentle cushioning to provide relief from back aches.

Due to its antimicrobial nature, it actively discourages the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. These factors make it not just an easy-maintenance mattress but also an eco-friendly one.


Airbeds use air to provide firmness and support. The pump is inbuilt and depends on just a punch of a button so that you can adjust the firmness as and when you like it. Couples especially prefer it because it comes with the functionality of adjusting different levels of firmness on both sides. Along with the air chambers, it is padded on the top with a foam layer. Airbeds are generally used temporarily and not for the long term.


Waterbeds are not for everyone, as these mattresses can bouncier and not so firm. Foam frames surround the water chamber to provide softness. These are good for people with backache as they are soft and bouncy. A waterbed is high-maintenance as it can spring a leak quickly.

Final Thoughts!

A good mattress is a worthy investment since you need to sleep well to get a good start on your day. Sleeping is easier if you have a comfortable place to rest; that is where the mattress plays its role.

The main purpose of a mattress is to relax your body, to distress it instead of averting the pressure in the wrong places. Hence choosing a mattress that suits you best is necessary. Keep the abovementioned factors in mind and choose accordingly to get a good night’s sleep!