How to Optimize Your Phone for the Best Gaming Performance

Gaming phones are becoming a popular alternative to games consoles, as they’re capable of playing cutting-edge games whilst still having all the functionalities of a phone. Some phone companies are even specializing in creating these phones, with an emphasis on stunning graphics and top-of-the-range hardware rather than peripheral features like cameras. The problem is that these gaming phones are relatively expensive, and not everyone can afford one. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry; we’re here to help you optimize your phone’s performance for gaming, to give you the performance of a gaming phone without the cost.

Increase Your Refresh Rate

The phone’s refresh rate refers to how often your phone can update its image per second. This is measured in Hz, so if your phone has a refresh rate of 60Hz, it updates the image on your screen 60 times per second. While most phones will be set to 60Hz or even 30Hz as standard, you can change it in your phone’s settings. We recommend setting it to the maximum, which could be as high as 144Hz! You may not think you would be able to notice the difference between a screen that updates 60 times per second or 144 times per second, as it just sounds too quick for the human eye to register, but if you make the change, you’ll notice how much smoother the animation is when you play.

Remove Bloatware

When you first receive your phone, you’ll notice that it comes with many preinstalled software you never use. Often companies will pay the phone manufacturers to get this software installed on new phones with the hopes that it will bring new users to their product. Unfortunately for you, this software is useless and dramatically slows down your phone’s performance. If you want to give your phone a much-needed boost in performance, have a look in your app settings and delete preinstalled apps that came with the phone. You can even look beyond the pre-installed bloatware – if you’ve been a bit trigger-happy with the download button in the past, perhaps it’s time to remove the apps you no longer use.

Play on 5G

If you’re playing an online game, you may find that a slow WiFi connection will cause your game to lag. Lagging in an online game is especially bad, as you do not see the same things as your competitors, giving them the edge in any game you’re playing. If you’re on a terrible WiFi connection, it could be worth turning off your WiFi and playing on your 5G connection. For those who are a bit behind the times and are wondering, “What is 5G?” 5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks and is now the global standard for mobile phones. It offers faster speeds than 4G, is more reliable, and has less latency. Playing your game on a 5G connection will reduce any lag you experience.

Enable Force 4x MSAA

While this might sound like you’re enabling some ultra high-tech setting that lets you control the phone with your mind, MSAA affects your phone’s display settings. It stands for Multisample Anti-Aliasing and is a technology that helps smooth pixelated lines on your phone’s display. Pixelated lines are a problem for gamers worldwide, from the US to Kuwait to China – it just takes you out of the experience and reminds you you’re playing a video game.  When you enable this setting, all the edges in your games will look much more rounded, almost like you’re playing on a proper game console. This is important to enable if you’re playing games with a lot of small objects that need to be rendered, like shooting games, puzzle games, or online slots. Some of the latest online slots have fantastic animations that fill the screen when you hit the jackpot, so you want to ensure you can fully enjoy the spectacle. All over the world, online casinos with immersive, high-quality games can be found. Despite the fact that gambling is strictly prohibited in Arab countries, there are online casinos in Kuwait where Arab players can play safely and legally. Comparison sites will provide you with all of the information you need to get started, including VPN access, casino bonuses, and which operators provide the service, payment methods, and game selection. Whatever games you choose to play, our performance tips will allow you to get the most out of them.