How to make your home look like a home from a period drama

There are many period dramas which boast of beautiful houses and beautiful interiors. You may have even been inspired by period dramas to add a hint of vintage glamour to your home or you may feel that you want to make your home look like it belongs in a period drama of your choice. Whatever you decide and whatever your inspiration stems from, this article will help to give hints, tricks and ideas for incorporating historic features, fashions and designs into your modern-day home.

Step One: Pick your time period

If there is a particular time era which you feel looks beautiful and lavish, then why not incorporate it into your home? In recent years period dramas have become very popular and even though historic styles and designs are used within the costumes and sets, the period dramas have a big influence on our modern day purchasing habits.

Step Two: Watch period dramas of your selected era

Once you have picked your time period, this is then the perfect time to watch plenty of period dramas of that time frame and you will therefore gain and insight into the types of themes and furnishings that you should add to your rooms. For instance, if you are aiming for a roaring twenties theme, there are plenty of films such as The Great Gatsby and television shows such as The Peaky Blinders, which offer a huge insight into this era of interior design.

Step Three: Create a budget

Now is the time to step back into reality after watching all those dreamy looking time period sets. You need to evaluate how you can incorporate the theme into your home and how much your new design going to cost and how far you are able to go financially with this idea. You can try to predict how much you are going to spend monthly on your new interior design and then try your hardest to working within your budget. You may not have to buy lots of new items in order to create your new theme, you may be able to upcycle a few preloved items or to even make some of your furnishings look older than what they are.

Step Four: Choose your furniture

This is one of the easiest steps as you will already have an insight into the types of furniture you wish to have in your rooms. If you are struggling to know which types of furniture gives a vintage glamour to your home, you will not go wrong with purchasing a Chesterfield sofa, as these sofas are popular within vintage themed homes and they are featured on almost every recent historic period dramas. It you are looking at other pieces of furniture to add to your home, going for dark wood furniture is a safe bet because dark wood is a vintage style that has been used for decades. Lace and floral-patterned fabrics and materials also work well because they are two pieces of design which have been around for centuries and they are also easy to find.

Step Five: Look at colour schemes

If you want your whole home to have a time period theme, it is a good idea to stick to a colour scheme for the whole house as this will make the rooms blend together and for it to look like a real vintage looking home. The way in which you can find the perfect colour scheme for your interior, is to do some research into the types of colours which were predominantly used within your selected time period and then you can try your best to incorporate this colour scheme into your rooms. Gold is a colour which has been used previously to display wealth, so if the wealthy look is what you are looking for then this is a good starting point.

Step Six: Evaluate whether you want to change the exterior of your home

Some people may just be happy with making the interior of their home into a vintage looking theme, however, if you are really dedicated to this project you could go even further and turn the exterior of your home into a house that belongs in a period drama. Luckily, there are still lots of old fashioned built houses around to gain inspiration from and some houses still have the wonderfully unique Tudor style to them. Therefore, there are many houses to gain inspiration from and it should be very easy to change exterior features of your house to look slightly older.