How to Make Your Fortnite Experience More Enjoyable

It’s quite easy to get stuck in a rut. When you’re constantly losing, it can be hard to push through and find the motivation to pick up the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and play again. This can be said for almost all online games, not just Fortnite. Getting burned out is common—especially for highly competitive games. It can be hard to play again after getting trounced by more skilled opponents every single day. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeves to help you get back in the groove. We’ll be showing you ways on how to make your experience in playing Fortnite more enjoyable, such as not caring too much about your Fortnite stats in the Fortnite tracker. Take a gander at some of our suggestions down below!

Tip #1: Don’t Pay Too Much Mind to Your KDA

Players often use a Fortnite tracker to monitor their Fortnite stats. While it is good to be a conscious player, being overly conscious can sometimes lead to your downfall. Getting too fixated on what your KDA ratio looks like can not only hinder the way you play the game, but also take a toll out of you as well. It’s hard to enjoy the game if you’re always thinking about how many death you’ve accumulated. Instead of just “try-harding” every single game, let yourself loose a bit. Don’t play merely because you’re trying to rack up kills in every game, but instead play to your heart’s content in however playstyle you want. The point of playing video games is to enjoy and have fun, not to stress yourself out even more! If you’re playing merely for getting a stable KDA, then are you even playing the game at that point?

Tip #2: Duo or Squad Up With Your Friends

While playing alone can be fun (or even downright therapeutic) on its own, we recommend that you least play a few games with your friends whether in duo or squad mode. Playing with friends, in general, makes the game more fun for everyone. Not only will you enjoy the game more since you’re surrounded by the people you like to hang out with, but you’ll also gain a few insights from them about the game—some you may have never thought about before. This might even make you lose even less since you have friends to rely on when you’re down. So at the very least, try teaming up with your friends a few times. You’ll be sure to enjoy the experience. Just make sure to pick the right friends for the job or you might just get tilted by the end of the day!

Tip #3: Experiment With Other Fortnite Weapons

Playing Fortnite can be pretty boring if you just keep using the same Fortnite weapons every game. Mix it up by adding a little spice to your life every now and then. Try the different Fortnite weapons that the game offers! Trust us, there’s more to life than just the Assault Rifle. Instead of going for the usual Fortnite weapons in Battle Royale, why not use other less conventional ones? Sure, it can lead to your death! But at least you’ll be able to learn something from it. Try replacing your Shotgun with a Sniper Rifle and see what happens! Sometimes all it takes is a little change in the formula to completely alter the results.

Final Thoughts

Getting your KDA a bit scuffed isn’t the end of the world. While it may look all over the place in a Fortnite tracker app, it can easily be fixed with a few decent epic games. And even if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry about it! What’s important is that you’re enjoying the game. We hope our tips on how to enjoy playing Fortnite were of help! Feel free to share your thoughts about Fortnite and more by leaving a comment down below!