How To Make Tile Floors Less Slippery

Our homes are supposed to be comfortable, safe, places where you can relax and unwind. However, statistics show that falls in the home are the biggest cause of hospitalization and one of the leading causes of death following an injury. It’s a sobering fact, especially if you know your floors are slippery.

You may think that you can handle it, you’ll tread carefully. But, what about the visiting family member or the time you forget to tread carefully? The truth is floors are slippery, especially when wet. One of the worst culprits is tile floors. They have a natural shine and are smooth. This makes them slippery at the best of times, add a little water and it’s often like walking on ice.

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace the entire floor to make it less slippery, although that is a valid option. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about grass protection mats.

Paint It

Using polyurethane floor paints you can paint each tile on your floor. Doing the grout lines is optional. This type of floor paint is available in a myriad of colours, allowing you to match your existing floor colour or replace it with something different.

Combine it with a touch of paint on the walls and you can transform the room.  You can also look at options like polyaspartic floor coating as well for a great look.

But, the best part is that polyurethane paints are designed to be non-slip. That means you can confidently walk around your home without slipping.

Add Mats

A different option is to add mats to key areas. You are unlikely to want to cover the floor with mats. Equally, the mats must be rubber-backed to ensure they don’t slide themselves.

All you have to do is position the mats in the key areas, that’s where the floor is slipperiest or where you are most likely to turn sharply. This increases the risk of a fall.

Mats can be purchased in a variety of colours, allowing you to brighten your home.

If you prefer you can use carpet runners or you can even add anti-slip adhesive treads. These stick to the tiled floor, giving you grip where you place your feet. But, they are not easily removed.

Keep Them Dry

One of the biggest causes of slips on tiled floors is that the floor is wet. Therefore, you can prevent many slips by drying the floor after cleaning or when you spill something. It is important, when dealing with spills, to clean the area first. If you don’t you’re likely to have a greasy area on your floor which will increase the risk of falls.

The easiest way to dry the floor is with a dry towel.

Replace the Floor

As mentioned, it is possible to replace the floor. But, you don’t need to rip up the existing one. It’s possible to add a floating floor above the existing one and finish it with hardwood or even carpet, something that gives you a better grip. Equally, you can remove the tiles and use an epoxy flooring or polyurethane paint on the concrete floor.

The choice is yours.