How to Make Electric Skateboard Faster

Making an electric skateboard faster is not a difficult task. There are a number of ways you can follow to make your electric skateboard faster.

An electric skateboard is just a normal skateboard that includes a battery, a motor, and remote control. You can build an electric skateboard by yourself, or you buy it ready-made.

If you want to make your skateboard faster, you should list out the things you need to upgrade. Think about the performance of your board and think about how it could do better and move faster.

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Is Riding an Electric Skateboard Easy?

You may be thinking about whether riding an electric skateboard is easy or not? The answer is, Yes, it is easier than riding a normal skateboard. If you get on the board for the first time, in that case, maintaining the board may be hard. This is because it has a motor and remote control, which the normal skateboard doesn’t have. But, after you get used to it, you will find it very enjoyable to ride. You should always wear a helmet and maintain a decent speed while riding.

How Can I Make My Electric Skateboard Faster?:

There could be a lot of different reasons why your electric skateboard is not moving faster. Here, we have listed a few important points that can help to give you a faster riding experience:

  • Increase Battery Voltage:
  • If you have a 6s battery, you need to change it with a 10s battery. This upgrade will change your speed from 15-20mph and give you a top speed up to 25-30mph. You can also use a 12s battery, which gives a top speed of up to 20-40+mph.
  • This type of battery will cost you money. So, before buying, make sure which battery you should buy.
  • Increase Wheel diameter:
  • Replace smaller wheels with larger wheels, i.e., If you have a wheel of 80mm, then you must switch to 97mm. That will increase your top speed by 2-5mph.
  • You may change the type of your wheel and buy a better one. This will give you extra speed.
  • Keep in mind that increasing the size of the wheel will give you extra speed, but it will affect the torque and ultimately slow down your acceleration. It will affect your potential to climb hills.
  • Adding a second motor:
  • If your present motor’s capability is decreased, only, in that case, adding a second motor will help you. But, you can also replace the original motor with a new one, which may help you to gain top speed. Make sure to use a powerful battery with a powerful motor. If you do not use a powerful battery, the powerful motors are pretty useless.
  • Better Remote Control:
  • A remote controller comes with almost all the electric skateboards with different speed and performance settings. For the beginner’s there is a beginner mode, and for the pros, there is Pro mode. So, with the highest performance setting, you can move faster than usual.
  • Clean and Lubricate all moving parts:
  • You have to clean all the moving parts of your skateboard just after a pleasant ride. It is essential and keeps the skateboard wheels and other parts fresh.

How Fast An Electric Skateboard Go:

An electric skateboard can go at a speed of 18-20mph, on average. But, in the market, there are some models that can go at a top speed of more than 40mph. Actually, the top speed varies from model to model and depends on various factors: battery voltage, wheel size, motor power, etc.

Though fast riding feels good, it is still dangerous for us. Excess speed is more likely to lead to a crash. The rider has less time to react, and it could lead to an accident. So, we have to be aware of that. Electric skateboards which have higher top speeds must have good trucks and excellent brake control.

Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?:

Electric skateboard is an affordable and quick way to go anywhere you want. On the other hand, a normal skateboard will make you tired and sweaty. An electric keyboard can give a chilling and pleasant ride without making too much effort. Besides, you don’t need to worry about petrol or gas, compared to driving a bike or car. 


An electric skateboard is undoubtedly one of the affordable ways to ride faster. The answer to the question “How To Make Electric Skateboard faster” has no definite answers, but it does depend on some important factors like Motor power, Battery Voltage, Wheel Diameter, etc. If you want to make your e-board faster, you have to give importance to these factors.

So, I hope you have got your answers to the article.