How to Make Chores at Home Way Easier

When most people think of fun, they don’t think of cleaning. It’s considered a chore for a reason—cleaning can be boring, tedious, and often takes sweat-breaking work. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Working smarter instead of harder can make cleaning less of a hassle and more of an easy process. Though there will always be chores to do, there are also certain things people can do to make chores work for them instead of the other way around. Read on for how to make home chores as easy as possible:

Include Easy-to-Clean Decor

Messes are going to happen every now and again, and when they do, people want an easy clean-up. A great way to make cleaning easier is to be mindful of the kind of furniture and decor in your home. Having items in a living space that are easy to clean can make for a better clean-up from the start. For example, having washable rugs in the home makes for a straightforward cleaning process. Rather than scrubbing on hands and knees, a simple run through the washer and dryer will take stains out.

Clean Along The Way

A great way to make chores easier is to cut down on as much mess as possible. Cleaning along the way—such as when preparing a meal or getting dressed for the day—limits the amount of cleaning and stress when it’s chore time. For example, making sure to put ingredients away while cooking not only tidies up the mess but also creates more space to move and work in the kitchen. And for the bedroom, remembering to put dirty clothes in a hamper at the end of the day allows more space for living and less space for disarray. In all, time is saved when people intentionally clean as they go about their day instead of waiting for the chores to pile up at the last minute.

Conquer And Divide

Trying to take care of the chores without a plan can make cleaning seem daunting and even overwhelming. Without a plan, there is more room to become distracted, jump from task to task, or even forget the tasks that need to be completed. Essentially, trying to take care of everything at once can cause frustration and burnout. To squash the worry that surrounds cleaning the home, break down the tasks at hand by making a list. When people write down their tasks and plan to tackle specific chores on certain days, they are more likely to complete their work and even surpass their goals. There is nothing wrong with cleaning the bathroom on one day and addressing the living room on another day. Getting the cleaning done is what matters most.

Use The Right Tools

Chores can be difficult if the proper tools aren’t being used. Stepping back to assess what the chores are and what is best for a good clean can save time and energy on chore day. For example, it is more efficient to use a mop to clean the kitchen floor than to scrub the floor with a small brush. And, it makes more sense to use a brush for scrubbing dishes clean than to use a thin paper towel. As for the proper cleaning agents, stick to the products that work best for each specific task. While dish detergent works well on a saucepan, it may not be as effective in the toilet or on lime build-up in the shower. Gathering the necessities for cleaning makes for less sweat and stress when used as intended.

To Soften, Soak It!

Getting rid of stubborn stains can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even with maximum effort, sometimes scrubbing alone isn’t enough to eliminate tough messes. A different method is needed: soaking. Soaking dirty items and letting them sit for a short amount of time can soften dirt from sticking to surfaces, making for a good clean with less effort. For example, soaking dishes in soapy water can loosen hardened food particles. In the bathroom, soaking the sink and tub with water and cleaning solution can make scrubbing scum much simpler. And, for parents and pet owners, carpet accidents can be easier to lift after soaking with water and carpet cleaner. Soaking is a great way to let the tools do the work they were created to do—to clean with ease.

Cleaning isn’t so bad when done efficiently and with the right supplies. Though messes are unavoidable and chores can get repetitive, cleaning doesn’t have to be the looming constant that many have grown to despise. It can be a practice of peace and thoroughness if approached using the above tactics and more. And though many people have varying experiences with chores and cleaning, most people can agree that there are few things more peaceful than a clean space.