How to make a camping holiday unforgettable and full of positive emotions?

First, you should remember that parking lots for your car are usually paid for. Camping holidays are especially interesting for families or groups of friends traveling together. Tents are generally designed for 4,5 or 6 people; their cost does not depend on the number of people. For example, the 4-season 6-person tent is scheduled for 6 people; it protects you from bad weather and strong gusts of wind and is comfortable to stay in, both in the heat and the cold season. It is usually cheaper to choose a hotel if you are traveling alone or with a couple. With 3 or more people, camping becomes more and more attractive in terms of price. How much does a one-person tent weigh? A single tent is not heavy; it can be easily transported by car or yourself if the distances are short. If you choose a mobile home instead of a tent, there is usually an additional charge per person. Camping prices depend on the date. The most expensive cost is in summer when prices can be three times higher than in autumn. If you can afford a vacation, do it! Why are prices so high in summer? All because of school holidays and families with children who cannot afford to leave at other times. With the beginning of September, not only at the campsites but also everywhere, the number of tourists decreases sharply. Please check the prices of the campsites directly on their website.

Self-service during active recreation

Some people go on vacation and want to relax 100%; they don’t want to cook. However, considering such a step, we must remember that it will be more expensive than cooking. If you decide to eat only homemade food, the cost of your vacation will be significantly reduced. Camping is a place to spend time in nature, away from the brick walls of houses and hotels. Tents, mobile homes, and caravans offer overnight accommodation on-site. Hiking has many advantages, but it requires good preparation to use them. What to take with you on a trip? The advantages of tourist trips are numerous. The main advantage of camping is undoubtedly the opportunity to recharge your batteries in nature. Campsites near forests and natural bodies of water are very popular among those who enjoy hiking, fishing, and various water sports, as well as people who want to read a book in peace and sunbathe in peace. Vacationers at the campsite appreciate the calm and carefree atmosphere, which often reminds them of children’s vacations. Another advantage of this tour is the relatively low cost of the entire time.

What to take with you? To go on a hike, you need to prepare well. For the trip to be successful, it is necessary to collect the required Equipment and accessories for complete comfort. First of all, it is essential to prepare a place for sleeping. The tent will undoubtedly be the central place to sleep. Although it does not protect against extreme cold, it should be sufficient in spring, summer, and autumn. To achieve thermal comfort, a quality sleeping bag will come in handy; fleece blankets can come in handy. Remember to wear appropriate clothing. When camping, it is also desirable to have portable lighting in the form of lamps and flashlights hanging from the tent’s ceiling.

What should you know and what should you pay attention to before choosing a campsite?

Booking conditions. Before making a reservation, you should familiarize yourself with the current conditions, in which you will find all the information you need. Does the campsite have certain restrictions (for example, regarding animals), information about additional fees and rules that apply to them, and prices for services? Only some campsites accept pets. If you want to take your pet on holiday, check if this is allowed at the camp. However, if you do not wish to have animals on the campsite where you are going to rest, choose one where their presence is prohibited.

Distance from the sea

Distance from the sea is one of the most critical factors determining whether you should consider booking a place at a particular campsite. We recommend choosing only camps located directly on the seashore, in such a situation you will only need to walk a few hundred meters from the tent to the beach. Campsites situated a few kilometers from the sea usually offer a free shuttle to the beach. However, it sometimes happens that transfers are infrequent or do not operate in the off-season. Some campsites are located directly on the seashore. There are several tens of meters left of water. Some camps have additional mandatory fees (such as a stay tax or air conditioning fee). Usually, these fees are low, but it is worth checking whether they apply to a particular campsite before booking. When booking through an intermediary, we must receive all information about additional fees and their amount before booking. Camping has changed significantly over the years. Having your tent to successfully spend an unforgettable vacation full of positive emotions at the campsite is optional. Today, camping holidays can be very comfortable, and the offers of modern camps allow them to compete successfully with hotels in terms of price and the quality of services provided.


Camping furniture is handy when camping, especially for an extended stay. They offer the necessary comfort for enjoying nature. Camping chairs are the most straightforward tourist equipment. Modern models are light, solid, and at the same time, extremely comfortable. There are many camping chairs; they are easily portable folding chairs that offer the convenience of outdoor recreation. Compact folding stools for short-term use are also popular. The most comfortable camping chairs are undoubtedly inflatable chairs, which take up little space during transport and offer the most comfort in service. A camping table allows you to improvise a field kitchen; conveniently take food and cook it on the table. Such furniture is collapsible and relatively light, thanks to which it will easily fit in the trunk of a car. Tables are available in various sizes and shapes, so everyone can easily find a model that meets their needs. Tourist tables are usually made of plastic, bamboo, or aluminum. They are easy to care for, durable, and versatile. Inflatable mattresses will allow you to sleep comfortably at the camping site. They are comfortable, functional, and durable. They take up little space before inflation, making them easy to transport. Single and double models are available, providing comfortable rest for two people in a tent. A great way to liven up your hiking trip and have a great place to relax is to buy a hammock. Modern models are equipped with additional accessories such as supports and mosquito nets, which are especially useful when you are near the lake. You can choose a traditional hammock that attaches to trees or poles that takes up almost no space when folded, a hammock with crossbars that prevent the material from rolling, or a hanging chair that allows you to sit. There are also hammock tents, which were once used by the military and have become popular with travelers over time. They allow you to sleep comfortably under a blanket that protects against rain and insects.