How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship for Black Couples?

Statistics proved that black couples are more likely to get divorced than white or Hispanic couples. Most unmarried singles in the USA are black as well. Does that mean black love is difficult to maintain? Maybe, but that depends on the person. By following the 5 tips, we’ll list below; you’ll strengthen your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met at work, online, through friends, or in a bar – those golden rules for successful black love will help you.


Communication is the foundation of every relationship, regardless of its nature or people’s race. For example, if your communication with your mother isn’t good, you may stop talking to each other eventually. If the lack of communication can tear families apart, destroying a romantic relationship is a piece of cake.

To prevent that, you need to learn how to communicate. It’s not just talking or chatting on. You have to learn how to listen and hear what your partner has to say. Don’t hesitate to fight now and then, but if that becomes your normal tone while speaking with your partner, you must level up your communication skills or break up. Couples who meet through friends or at work sometimes go on dates without ever talking about the important things because they enjoy spending time together. Sooner or later, that causes problems. It’s not unusual for couples who meet on iwantblacks to chat for a while before going on a first date. Those couples stay in touch all the time thanks to technology on this site even after dating for a long time. Constant communication on the dating site makes their relationships much stronger because there are fewer unpleasant surprises.

Try to be Different Than Your Parents

Dr. Gloria Morrow is a well-established therapist who helped a lot of black couples to stay together. In her “Strategies for Improving Black Male/Female Relationships”, she recognizes the lack of role models (or bad role models) as one of the causes for troubles in relationships.

We all soak in our parents’ behavior and often act the same or very similar when we get older. That’s great if your parents were in a healthy relationship while you were a kid. But if you grew up between 2 fires fighting all the time, you’re more likely to act like that in a relationship. Or if you grew up without a mom or dad. It isn’t easy to rewire yourself; we understand that tiny steps will take you a long way. Just keep in mind what you want to be and what you want to leave in the past.

Don’t Rush Anything

Many black couples make one mistake that tears them apart after the beginning phase of a relationship is over. When you start dating someone, everything is exciting, everything is fun, and you can’t take your hands off each other. That makes people think they’ve found the one, so a lot of couples move in together (or even get married) before they get to know each other. Then the honeymoon phase stops without any warning.

Letting the relationships grow at a natural pace through dating for a while before jumping into anything serious is the key. You can’t get to know a person overnight; it takes time. That doesn’t mean you have to take things slow. Of course, you can be intimate with each other. Just don’t rush. Go on dates, do things both of you like, try new things. There are many fun ways to build a healthy relationship. Not every date has to be dinner or movies. By doing different things together, you’ll make a lot of memories hence make your relationship stronger.

Find Activities You Can do Together

Doing things together is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship. You must have some mutual interests with your partner; you wouldn’t be together if you don’t. Spend more time doing things both of you love, and you’ll grow as a couple. That can be difficult if both of you are very busy, but in the end, nothing is more important than love, so it’s worth fighting for it.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

Of course, you won’t spend every second of your free time doing something with your partner. That would mean you’re neglecting things you like. Don’t do that to yourself because you’ll become miserable after some time, and you’ll blame your partner for it. To prevent that, spend some time alone, doing things you like daily, or at least every week.