How To Get A UK IP Address In 2021?

Do you wish to have access to UK-based content and bank accounts from a different location? If yes, a UK VPN is your best bet for it. To view British content, you need an IP address that belongs to the UK. When you’re outside, the only way to have it attached to your device is to reroute the data from it. You can do it only by using a VPN.

What Is A UK IP Address?

Any internet-enabled device, such as a computer or a mobile phone, gets an IP address upon connecting to the Internet. Websites use it to know the device’s location and other information. When a device connects to a website from a UK-based server, it reads the IP address that belongs to the UK.

Connecting to a website with this IP address will allow you to access the available services in the UK. It also includes all the content of streaming services, downloading video files, and accessing banking information.

Now you might wonder how to get a UK IP address on your device if you are outside the country. You can get it by using a reliable VPN service.

How Can You Get A UK IP Address?

While it may sound impossible to get a UK IP address on paper, it is simple and easy. All you need to do is get an Android VPN subscription from a leading VPN service running a UK server. The same is the process for other OS.

As soon as you connect to such a VPN service, it will mask your device’s IP address. It hides the actual IP address of your device and reveals the IP address of its UK server. The same happens when your device connects to a streaming platform through an application.

Thus, you can access all kinds of content and banking services available in the UK by bypassing location-related restrictions.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN For A UK IP Address?

Most people ask this question when using a free VPN or a paid one. If you have been spending sleepless nights seeking the answer to this question, you would be relieved to know that it is perfectly legal to get a UK IP address through a VPN.

That said, providers of streaming services serve their customers differently in distinct locations due to licensing restrictions. As such, they may suspend or terminate your account if they find that you are accessing their content from a region where it is not available. They have strict terms and conditions, and they strive to ensure that their streaming policies are not violated.

You do not need to feel too concerned about it, though. A paid subscription to a high-quality VPN service will help you overcome this barrier with ease.

But how do you decide which VPN service is the right for you to get an IP address linked to the UK? Read on to find it out.

What To Look For In A VPN For The UK?

Until now, you would have come to know how a VPN can help you get a UK-based IP address. If you get the best one, you will be able to maintain your anonymity and overcome even the most challenging geo-restrictions.

Wondering how to get such a VPN? Here’s what you need to look for before choosing a VPN service for this purpose.

  • The availability of servers: No matter what kind of UK-based content or data or website you wish to access, a UK-based IP address is a must for you. Given the possibility of the congestion of servers, you should choose a VPN service with multiple servers.
  • Encryption: To avoid being detected on the Internet, you need a VPN service with strong encryption technology. A VPN service with 128-bit AES or 256-bit AES encryption standards is the best for preventing detection and data snooping.
  • Compatibility: If you wish to use a VPN service on multiple devices with different operating systems, you might want to ensure its compatibility. Thus, you can eliminate the need for additional subscriptions. So, check if the VPN service is compatible with the operating system on all your devices.
  • Speed and data: No one wants a movie to end abruptly or face buffering due to speed throttling. Such experiences can be frustrating to deal it, especially when they make their way into your internet session. A VPN with the right speed and a high data usage limit can help you prevent such possibilities.
  • Customer support: No matter how lucrative the deals of a VPN provider look on paper, it can’t offer you the best user experience without customer support. So, before deciding on a provider, check if it has a 24×7 customer support service for handling your operational issues or queries.


A private VPN is the right choice on Android and other major platforms for various reasons. Getting a UK IP address is one among them. You need to choose a VPN that has its servers in the UK for this purpose, though. Also, do not forget to keep the above considerations in mind while selecting a VPN to get a UK IP address.