How to ensure your website is ranking well

If you are not ranking well on search engines, you are losing an enormous number of potential customers that might be interested in your business. The majority of website traffic is driven by search engines, mostly Google. It is important for you that your website appears on the first page of Google whenever a person is making a search query that is related to your business. But you do not want to be just somewhere on the first page, but you want to be the ranking first. The websites that rank top has 33 percent chance to get clicked, meaning that if you are not on top you might be missing the third of the traffic you could potentially get.

Ranking well is especially important for the industries with high competition rate. If you are in such industry you would know how hard is it to get and remain in top results. For example, one of the industries with the highest competition rate is online gaming, especially online casinos. Try googling list of online casino sites and you will get tens of pages with the results. You already got the idea of how important it is for your website is ranking well, now let us go straight to the business to see how can you reach the sweet top spot on search engines.

Have a blog

Whatever business you are leading with your website, you can find the topic to write about. If you have an online shop – you can write tips and reviews based in the product you are selling, if you have a restaurant – write about foods and drinks, construction – write advice and blogs about the styles and design. You can always find something to write about. Having a blog on your website will help you get ranked better. With blogs, you have the possibility to add up relevant fresh content every day. If your content will be interesting you will increase your traffic, dwell time, relevance score, and possibly drop the bounce rate for good, maybe you will also get some shares on social media like Facebook or Twitter. The website performance will be increased overall, which will help you rank better.

Make your website mobile friendly 

Since more and more people are using mobile now to search for the businesses they are interested in, you need to make your website more mobile-friendly. Not only for making it more convenient for the users to access your website and get a good browsing experience but for the search engines as well. The trend of using mobile for web browsing has started several years ago. It was not left unnoticed by Google and in 2015 it started showing a mobile-friendly website in search results whenever people were searching for something with their mobile. Meaning that when someone is searching for the business like you, they will not see you if you do not have a responsive website that works well on mobile. In 2017 mobile searches have outranked the desktop search for the first time, the number of people searching with mobile is even higher today and chances are that in future Google will not show websites that do not have a mobile-friendly website in top results at all.


Another advantage of having a blog is that you have enormous space to implement keywords relevant to your business. In every blog post, you will write you can have various keywords that will help your website be visible. If you are running a coffee shop in London, you can target several keywords that people in London might be searching for, such as the best coffee shop in London, Coffee shop near me and etc. Implement such keywords in the content but make sure they are relevant to the topic you are talking about. Make keyword research before you start writing to make sure that you are using the right keywords that are the most beneficial for you.