How To Enjoy School Activities Outside the Classroom

Many children see school as a chore where lessons are the boring parts interspersed between playing and chatting with friends. But, activities undertaken at school are often fun and incredibly useful to improve the education of your child. 

The key to making the most of your child’s time at school is to ensure they are enrolled in high-quality childcare Liverpool and the school activities are repeated outside of school. 

This will show them that they are fun, encourage your child to do it more often, and help them to develop as children and young humans. 


Reading is an essential way to improve language skills and imagination. It works regardless of the age of your child. The main difference when reading outside of school is whether you are reading to your child or they are reading to themselves. 

Of course, it can be a good idea to push the boundaries when reading. But, the best way to make it fun is to talk about it afterward and even act scenes out. That brings it to life which makes a big difference!


It is also important to be consistent. Just as the school offers consistency with learning, doing school activities at home should be consistent. We are not talking about setting a schedule. But, you should be able to commit to doing the school activities regularly. 

Choose The One Your Children Enjoy

You don’t want to be mimicking the school day at home. That is certain to give your child issues. But, you can choose the activity they enjoy the most and do that with them at home. This reinforces what they have learned and helps to improve their imagination and ability to undertake different tasks. 

Make It Fun!

The only way children and adults enjoy anything is when it is fun! Regardless of which school activity you are attempting to reinforce at home, make sure it is fun for your child and you. 

That means keeping learning periods short and focused and perhaps changing the venue regularly. After all, if it’s a nice day you don’t need to sit at the kitchen table, it can be much more fun to learn in the garden!

Cater To All Their Senses

It is important to choose different school activities that allow you to cater to all the different senses your child needs to experience and learn. This means you need to choose activities that allow your child to touch and feel different things. You should encourage them to talk and listen. 

One of the best ways to do this is by undertaking craftwork at home. You can make things out of items that you would normally throw away. This encourages your child to learn about recycling and o use their imagination. 

Creating things s something children can do at any age, from pre-school to college. Remember, the skills that your child learns when they are young will help them throughout life. You can help them master these skills by sparing some time to do things with them. 

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