How to earn from paper writing – 2021 guide

If you have the writing skills, make use of them and earn. It’s a good way to make money if you’re in college or university, you can pay off your student debts and tuition fee. Visit  Ship 30 for 30 for tips and trips on writing.

You can make a good amount of money with just a little effort. Paper writing can be a form of ghost-writing, it’s when you write for companies, magazines but you don’t get any credit. A ghost-writer can charge up to 3x more than a normal writer.

The Internet has made it very easy for people to earn online using their writing skills. But it has also become a bad thing for students as they try to cheat their article or essay off of the internet.

But there are some students who hire academic writers to help them with their academic writing by providing paper writer free service.

Companies are looking for writers all over the world who can deliver good writing content. Companies post daily articles and essays, so the faster you work, the more work you’ll get.

Here are some ways to earn through paper writing:


There is an unlimited amount of work for you to avail online, there are companies who post daily publications and they are in need of different types of writers.

These jobs require no investment and due to this pandemic, it has become easy to get jobs online as most people are unable to get jobs outside their homes.

Ask around

You can ask around for work like going to your local newspaper shop and asking if they have any article work for you. They often have a lot of work available; they post articles on a daily basis.

Ask your old professors if they can put in a good word for you so you can easily get work at schools and colleges.

Schools offer coursework writing in which you’ll have to write a whole course which can be of a few months or maybe even a year. These projects take months to complete.

You can also apply for coursework writing, companies are hiring and opening up to new marketing techniques for that. They are hiring writers all over the internet and even offline to produce some good courses for their company or school.

Start a blog

Blog is a way to showcase your writing skills and teaching online through a website. You can even make your portfolio and post it so that companies can see it and might hire you for some extra work.

The work can be anything such as technical writing, business writing, ghost-writing, etc.

This can be your main source of income if you give it your full attention. Once you’re done making a blog, you’ll have to get hosting.

Then you can start posting your content on your blog and use unique keywords so you get more traffic. The more unique keywords you use the more audience you’ll get this, more income.

Use your writing skills and give writing pointers to your audience and you can even charge for it if you want to, it’s up to you.

As this article is about making money, I’d suggest you should charge money for that to make some extra cash.