How to Design a Perfect Business Card for a Home Office Business

Business cards are considered to be one of the best marketing opportunity. Although, most businesses have gone paperless today, yet business cards seem to be quite important when it comes to communication whether you are having a home business, or an office job.

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The design of the business card is one thing that requires attention as well as creativity in order to attract the viewer in the first look. Believe it or not, business cards are actually a way of providing a first impression. You better have a good one and that’s doubly so if you’re running a home office business.

Read out the following tips and techniques to design the perfect business card for your business.

1. Dimensions and Resolution

An ideal business card is neither too big nor small and measures 3.5 inches wide x 2 inches long. This is a universal business card size. In case you are planning for a vertical business card, just swap the length and width. It is recommended that you work at 300dpi in order to get the best image reproduction.

2. Elegancy Matters!

Business cards must reflect professionalism and be a symbol of elegancy. They should not be too fancy or have too many color combinations in them. Ideal business cards have a white, light gray, or off-white background with black text. Keep in mind that the font style should be a formal one. We recommend you use Times New Roman or Ariel. Maintain a proper font throughout the card and try not changing it a lot of times.

3. What to write? What not to write?

Many people are confused that a business card is just a very small piece of paper. What can be written in such a short space? Write your business name and keep it bold and a bit bigger in font size. Underneath it, write the logo line, if you have any. Next, you need to write your Name, designation, and contact information such as email and mobile number. In the lower part of the card, you can write any posting address in a relatively shorter form. Do not write too many contact details that everything looks congested and unappropriated. Also, no need to write any details on you can be of help. You are giving a business card and not a business proposal. The more congested it is, the worse would be the impression and vice versa.

4. Finishing and extras

If you are looking for something off the hook, then we would say that you can put the elegancy thing away. Try something casual yet appropriate. For example, you can have your business card in the form of a leaf-shaped card. Or like a dog coach can have a business card designed on a bone shaped card. There are many funny yet unique ideas to present it. Just make sure you don’t go too much casual that it looks and unpleasant.


Despite the rapid technology and growth of e-business, formal business cards have still not lost their value and can be a great asset for a person. Design one in the right manner and you will definitely leave a long-lasting impact on your audience.