How To Deep Clean A Bathroom

The bathroom is an ideal part of a house that plays an important role in our health. As such, every part of the bathroom should be cleaned routinely to make it look clean and hygienic. The toilet sink, toilet seat, bathtub, shower, mirror, wall, floor, towel rack, tissue roll hanger, etc. are items that can be found in a bathroom. There is a need to thoroughly deep clean your bathroom to keep it sparkling and also hygienic. NW Maids Cleaning Service can help you to deep clean your bathroom effectively.


Before you decide to deep clean, you must ensure to do the following.

  1. Make sure to wear gloves for washing the toilet seat. This will prevent germs from penetrating your hands.
  2. Avoid using chemical products and if you must use any, make sure to follow the instructions.
  3. Open the window to keep the area ventilated.
  4. Test any new product in an invisible area to be sure it won’t cause any expense.


  1. Gloves
  2. Toilet brush
  3. Sponge
  4. Bathroom cleaner of your choice
  5. Neat cleaning rags
  6. Glass cleaner
  7. Shower cleaner
  8. Air freshener


  1. Move all objects from their various positions to space.
  2. Dust delicate areas and sweep.
  3. Apply cleaner in and on the toilet seat and sink. Cover and leave for few minutes to disinfect the germs therein.
  4. Spray all-purpose cleaner on cleaning tools [neat rags, sponge, etc.] and wash or clean the towel rack, shelves, door, doorknobs, window, tissue roll hanger, and other items found in the bathroom.
  5. Use the glass cleaner for the mirror [handle softly to avoid injury and damage].
  6. Wash the sink, tap, and surface atop a counter using the sponge. Rinse with water and wipe with a neat rag.
  7. It’s time to deep clean the bathtub. Close the bathtub drainage; then pour water mixed with an all-purpose cleaner and scrub with your sponge. Open the drainage for the water to go out then rinse with clean water.
  8. Wash the toothbrush and bathing soap case net. 
  9. Now wash the toilet seat [inwardly and outwardly]. Scrub with the toilet brush, toilet wash, and water. Rinse the toilet brush thoroughly and keep in its position.
  10. Use a shower cleaner to sieve out the dirt hanging in the shower pods. 
  11. Use wall cleaner products like white vinegar solution to clean the wall. Mix this with water, and rinse with clean water afterward.
  12. Remove any obstacles during this cleaning process.
  13. Use a neat rag to dry the walls
  14. Mix cleaning solution for the floor with water. It is sometimes good if you sprinkle this on the floor, scrub thoroughly using your sponge, afterward, mop softly and dry.
  15. Lastly, spray a lasting air freshener to leave the bathroom with a good fragrance.


  1. Use any disinfectant soap of your choice to prevent germs.
  2. Do away with any chemical products as they are harmful and pose a threat to your health.
  3. To deep clean a bathroom, you may spend over the few minutes planned. You want to listen to music, podcasts, audios, etc. to set your mood right.


Deep cleaning a bathroom requires time and a lot of effort. It is a daunting task that every homeowner should avoid by hiring deep cleaning services. Professional deep cleaning services have the experience and skills to make your bathroom sparkling clean. They also use white vinegar solutions to promote a good hygiene. Visit YOUR BUSINESS NAME for quality deep cleaning service.