How to Decorate Like a Pro: The Rough Guide

Decorating your home is an exciting experience. There are so many things when planning to decorate you need to consider, and it can be overwhelming at first. You have to decide what colors you want, the style of furniture, and what decorations suit your personality best! It’s a process that takes good time and careful consideration. However, some steps will make the process smooth sailing from start to finish – all you need is a little help from this Rough Guide on how to decorate like a pro!

Understanding yourself

Understanding what you like and do like is key to making your home look beautiful. You need to know what you want and be able to express it clearly! Take time to think about the colors you like, styles of furniture that suit your taste, and what kinds of decorations make you feel comfortable in your space.

What are my favourite colors?

Do I prefer more modern decor or a rustic touch?

Is there anything specific that makes me happy when I see it around the house?

Once you understand this, it is time to put them all together.

Doing your research

Researching is so essential. Understands your favourite colors and what goes with what, how to do a bit of plastering will help when it comes to preparing the walls. Decorating is a skill that can be learned, but it also requires practice and dedication. It’s not as easy as just getting to painting a wall or hanging pictures on the wall! So do your research on the tasks you need to get done.

Create with a brief and a sketch

It’s time to put your interior decorating skills to the test! Whether you’re looking for a bold update or need some inspiration.

So consider your personality and lifestyle needs. If you prefer more subdued tones that add warmth, go for light wood furniture pieces with neutral colors and delicate fabrics in cream shades like beige or eggshells. However, if you love color, bright orange walls with blue accents might do it for you! The possibilities are endless especially when it comes to choosing an interior design style. It’s best to have a clear vision before heading off shopping because this will save money and frustration later down the line.

With all this in mind, create a sketch with what colors will be on what wall, where the furniture will go, what the lighting will be like to what plants you will want. Creating this vision will help you decorate more efficiently, and an indication of your plans will work.

Don’t overthink it, go with the process

– Start with a clean, uncluttered space. This will make it easier to see what you need and where everything should go. You may want to clear off tables or other surfaces in the room before starting your project.

– Gather all of the things that you’ll be using for this piece of decorating, from paint colors to furniture pieces. It is helpful if these are already organized by type onto one surface to all be seen at once and picked up together quickly without having to search through piles individually (this includes finding matching screws). If it isn’t possible or practical for them to remain on a surface, then label each bundle separately with masking tape or write on the tape.

Preparing the wall and painting it

When preparing the wall, you will want to clean the wall is to make sure there are no cracks on the edges between the two walls. If there is, you can use np1 caulk to create the perfect edge. Having NP1 around is always handy for most sealant jobs, so keep it around. So you have made the walls perfect, and now you are ready:

– Now to prepare it with a primer

– To put on at least two coats of paint. If you are painting an accent color in small areas, then – just one coat is enough as long as you do not brush across the same place twice and cause smudging or streaking

Painting a room can be very difficult, but it will make your life so much easier if you follow these steps! And may even result in better-looking walls than ever before!

Now it is time to paint the wall with your desired color, and a top tip is to paint your ceiling first and then the walls to avoid painting over the edges or spilling onto any furniture.

So you have now painted the room, time to put your furniture back in the room, play around with its positioning until it works.

Rugs can work great

As an accessory to a room, a rug is also a great way of adding warmth and comfort to your flooring, plus it can provide personality and color too!

Art is king

Having art in the room can change everything, so get some lovely pieces to compliment the space. It can be anything from modern art to contemporary.

Decorating your home can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. If you are considering to have a major, remodel or want to spruce up the place, consider these tips from Rough Guide on how to decorate like a pro! These steps will make the process smooth sailing from start to finish, so all you need now is some help with that decision-making part. What have other things helped when it comes time for decorating?