How to Choose Your First Tattoo Style

Tattoos are a permanent decision. Picking out the right tattoo style, especially for your first time can be challenging. The tattoo design you choose will be something you live with for a long time of your life, so you must choose a design that makes you happy. It’s crucial to do enough research before settling on your first tattoo design. Although it seems tedious, think of all the important details you need to be included in the design and have the outcome in mind before going to a tattoo artist. You can visit FYT Supplies for more information about tattoos.

Tips When Choosing Your First Tattoo Style

Choose A Style With A Personal Connection

Tattoos should have a personal connection, especially for newbies. They are more than just art pieces as they make statements to connect you with your personality, so choose a design you’ll feel in your heart even after years. If you decide on an ornamental tattoo style, choose a glamorous tattoo symbolizing the special protection and charm you want.

It Should Match Your Personality

Tattoos help communicate to others what you care about, so the designs must match your personality and lifestyle. If you are a pre-school teacher, you probably won’t go for a skull or demon tattoo, unless in an unexposed location. You need to commit to the design you choose and have a reason for wanting it.

Keep It Simple

For your first tattoo, go for a style that is simple and likable. The design should not be bombarded with too many things and should entail one primary subject, a secondary one, and a single background element. Choose a design that includes your favorite images and colors. If you plan on getting more tattoos in the future, stick with one style for aesthetic similarity.

Do Not Make A Rash Decision

Getting tattoos is a very spontaneous thing for most people, but it’s not advisable to make an impulsive decision about something permanent. If you make it as a spur-of-the-moment decision, chances are you will regret the design you choose in the future, especially if it is something you outgrow. When choosing your first tattoo design, avoid designs with pop culture references and political statements that will get outdated in a few years.

Choose the right tattoo artist.

There are many tattoo designs and styles to choose from, as well as tattoo artists. It’s crucial to choose an artist who is experienced and adept in designing your preferred style otherwise, you end up frustrated and with a poorly done tattoo. Ornamental tattoos, specifically, are intimate, and so the process should be done by an artist you are compatible with. Skilled artists should be proficient in whichever design you choose, so if you have any specific design in mind, go for an artist who can create it exactly as you fancy.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

Getting a tattoo is a big and permanent decision, so take all the help you can get to pick out your first design. You can save images of your favorite designs and show them to friends or people you value their opinions before settling.

Be Specific About Size And Placement

After choosing the tattoo design you want, you need to determine where you want it, and how large or small you want it. You can use reference images to help your artist grasp and understand your vision for the chosen style.

When getting your first tattoo, you are filled with a range of mixed emotions. You feel excited, impatient, nervous, happy, and even a little scared. With the right style and design in mind, it is all worth the trouble. Tattoos are life-changing, and the decision to get one shouldn’t be taken lightly.