How to choose the right pair of glasses for yourself

Finding the right pair of glasses that suits your face is a true struggle. If you consider your spectacles to be a fashion accessory more than a device to correct optical defects, and why not, after all, your frame is the first thing that people notice on your face, then should go through this guide to choose the perfect pair.

While you might have to consider your face shape and your profession, the wonderful variety of styles in the 2020 collection provides you with enough options to choose a frame for every game.

Glasses according to your face shape


A round or oval face has softer angles with slightly wide cheekbones and forehead. They need a frame to bring angles to their features. The perfect glasses for round faces are in bold angles with clean lines. If you have a round face, you can buy rectangular or square shaped frames with a lower rim that sits just above your cheekbones.


Square shaped faces have a clean and bold straight line from the jawline to the forehead. With sharp angles and equally proportionate face, they will have to choose a frame shape opposite to the shape of their face – round. Round glasses will soften the angles and draw attention away from them. Ensure that the width of the frame is a tad wider than your cheekbones.

Inverted triangle/Heart-shaped

Heart-shaped faces have a forehead wider than other parts of their face that gradually narrows down to the chin. The high cheekbones give the owner a young and cheerful look. While these face shapes are the most versatile of all, choosing a frame slightly wider than the forehead and with slight detailings on the lower rim helps to accentuate and compliment their features.


A triangular face is just opposite to a heart shape- the jawline is the widest part of their face that narrows down to the forehead. To balance out their features, they need a frame that is bold on the top and light on the bottom. Browline glasses or cat-eye frames are the most suitable for triangular face shapes.

Glasses for college

College eyewear fashion can range anywhere between basic wayfarers to bold geometrical shapes, it all just depends on your mood, the outfit and the occasion. College students can experiment with their frames with different colours, colours combinations, materials like plastic, acetate, metal or wooden or even rimless glasses.

Glasses for work from home

Work from home glasses need to be lightweight, comfortable and sturdy. The best choice for this category is basic wayfarers made of acetate material. Acetate is a different kind of plastic that is extracted from wood or cotton. When compared to plastic, it is hypoallergenic, strong, lightweight, and even eco-friendly.

Glasses for office

If you are returning to your office after long months of quarantine, you need to upgrade your eyewear collection to help yourself walk in the office in style. Sleek metallic rim frames are the best choice if you prefer understated elegance. To go a little bold, the ladies can choose cat-eye frames with basic colours like black, brown or maroon or add prints like stripes or tortoiseshell.

Glasses for a vacation

Sunglasses are a basic necessity when you have to travel, especially during the summer days. While they protect you from the sun blaze, they also instantly make you look cooler for those intagrammy photos. Fashion-forward travellers can checkout Specscart’s website for an exciting variety of vacation sunglasses at extremely affordable prices.

The latest eyewear trends of 2020

The pandemic has clearly influenced this year’s eyewear fashion as we see more huge and protective glasses shapes. The tiny mid 90s frames are replaced by oversized frames that can provide the owner a shield against the virus. Also, as eyewear fashion has matured, this year offers a greater variety of styles so you have enough options to choose the perfect frame to compliment your personality. You can buy glasses online to find an even better variety of frame styles.

Here are the hottest trends of the year 2020:

  • Tinted transparent frames
  • Thin metal rims
  • Oversized glasses
  • Cat-eye glasses
  • Geometrical shapes
  • Round glasses
  • Wooden frames
  • Handcrafted details
  • Straight top line frames
  • Outstanding colours
  • Rectangular shades
  • Blue light blocking glasses