How To Choose The Right Golf Club For You? – Top Tricks And Reviews To Know

Golf can be an intimidating sport to get into for the people who have just started. Apart from the complexities that come while knowing the game, it’s tough to determine the best golf clubs for newbies. It can be complicated to know about the product itself when considering the set’s clubs and how to select the one right for you.

How to pick the right one for yourself?

Most of the newbies make the mistake of purchasing clubs that don’t match their level. The question, “Which club to choose?” is often answered by someone who doesn’t know anything about golf and suggested by a friend, which is often wrong. While deciding on the club that you should choose from the bag, it is essential to consider the game’s personal skill experience and level.


Most golfers should choose the one with a higher loft. It is the angle of the clubface that affects distance and controls trajectory. The experienced players favor drivers with lower lofts, which needs a lot more skill than hitting the higher ones. Nowadays, even professionals use higher lofts.


This can be determined according to the height of the player and the shaft. The shaft is considered the tapered, long tube that connects a golfer’s hands to the head. The longer your shaft will be, the more your hands are going to be away from the ball.


A golfer who swings fast must use the heavier head to control it, while slower swings are suited the best for lighter heads to increase the club head’s velocity.

Since new ones need more confidence with the club they are using, they should carry the one that would instill confidence in the address position so that the ball goes inside it. You can look for the review at

Which are the best golf clubs for new golfers?

Fairway Woods

It is an essential addition that should be in the golf bag. The heads used on this one are smaller than a driver, and between 12-19 degrees is the loft while a driver is between 8- 12 degrees. For new players, 17 degrees is recommended.


It is the pinnacle of any golf bag. While trying to figure out about the clubs in a set, think of the driver. The product can be characterized by the lowest loft, largest head, and the longest shaft in a bag.


Hybrids are the new ones in the golf family. These are versatile that replace irons anywhere from 2 to 9-iron loft. The heads are the same as fairway woods but a lot more shallow and smaller.

The biggest mistake that the beginners make is to shop for the entire set of clubs because the deal seems right to them. With this, you would end up buying the clubs which are not even of your level. Make sure to invest in 5-6 pieces that are made for your game. Focus on quality and not quantity.