How to Choose the Perfect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Vacuuming your home frequently is crucial to keeping it clean. A corded vacuum cleaner can help you ease your cleaning work. But this vacuum can be too cumbersome compared to its cordless counterpart.

A cordless vacuum has several benefits over a corded vacuum.  It is flexible and can vacuum areas where a corded vacuum can’t reach. Plus, it is convenient to use, particularly where quick cleanups are needed.  Best of all, cordless vacuums make little or no noise while vacuuming.

Nonetheless, corded vacuum cleaners come in dozens of types and designs. Shopping for a suitable corded vacuum cleaner can be confusing, particularly for first-time shoppers. Here are insider tips for choosing the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for your home.

Know The Different Types of Cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners come in different types.  They are available in three main types:

Stick vacuum cleaners- these are the most common cordless vacuum cleaners.  The compact handheld vacuums have slim cleaning tubes. They are best suited for hard floor cleaning.  A stick vacuum can be your perfect vacuum for cleaning uncarpeted areas.

A stick vacuum is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner for spot cleaning.  It is easy to use even by seniors.  The cleaning devices, however, consume more energy more than any other cordless vacuum cleaner. But if you need to keep noise low, it’s a good choice since it makes less noise when vacuuming, unlike other vacuums.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners-They have long, flexible cleaning tubes.  They have powerful motors, and their bodies aren’t attached to their burs head and hoses.  Consequently,  they have added flexibility to vacuum under furniture and other tricky places to access other vacuums.

They are suitable for homeowners will less money to spend on a vacuum. They have a massive capacity for holding dust, allowing you to vacuum large areas without emptying midway. However, most models’ brush heads aren’t motorized, making them ineffective for cleaning pet hair.

Upright vacuum cleaners- The vacuums are bulkier than a stick and other handheld versions. They, however, have detachable canisters for added flexibility.  Upright vacuums offer more suction energy than other models.

An upright vacuum is an excellent cleaning device for those with mobility issues and back problems. They can clean all types of floors. There are bulkier and noisier than the cylinder and stick vacuums.

Look at Their Features

Cordless vacuums have varied features, just like corded vacuums.  Check the features to ensure the vacuum cleaner you pick is built for your home’s cleaning needs. Check for the dust capacity, for instance. A larger capacity is crucial for vacuuming large areas.

Weight is a vital feature to consider in a vacuum cleaner. A lightweight version is perfect for elderly persons or those who can’t lift more weight.  Ease of use makes the vacuum suitable for people with various cleaning needs.

Some features that make a vacuum easy to use include LED Lights. These lights are designed to illuminate dark places that are difficult to notice while cleaning. A flexible cleaning tube makes it easier for the vacuum to fit under low furniture.

Go for a vacuum with a noise reduction feature. The feature makes the cleaning unit super quiet while vacuuming, allowing you to work without waking someone in the next room.

Focus on Your Home Cleaning Needs

Cordless vacuums are built for different cleaning needs. The right cordless vacuum should suit your specific cleaning needs.  Stick vacuums are designed for smaller homes and apartments.

Cylinder or canister vacuums are designed for cleaning large and multi-level homes. They are designed for cleaning large floors, thanks to their colossal dust capacity. They can also vacuum multiple floors, including tile, stone, hardwood, concrete and bare floors.

Upright vacuums are perfect for carpet cleaning. Their cleaning brushes are designed to clean deep into dirty and thick carpets.  Most versions have swivel necks for added maneuverability.  This feature makes it easy to guide these vacuums around carpets while cleaning.

Choose a cordless vacuum with plenty of suction power for cleaning pet hair. The recommended suction power for pet hair cleaning is 1000 watts.  Furthermore, ensure the vacuum has a High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter if you are allergic to per hair.

Test It Out

While you can purchase your vacuum online, it raises the probability of purchasing unfitting equipment. If it’s your first time, visit the store before ordering online. Try it out to assess its condition and whether it will deliver on the intended vacuuming needs.

Also, check the features of the vacuum. See whether the vacuum is worth the price. More importantly, the seller should give you a money-back guarantee upon purchasing. The guarantee is vital for signifying the vacuum has good quality.

Your Budget

Cost is probably a lesser important consideration when picking a vacuum. But remember, you get what you pay.  For instance, a smaller budget gives a cheap vacuum that will fail to get the vacuuming job done.

Spending more doesn’t translate into a quality vacuum.  Have a decent budget and then strive to pick a quality vacuum based on that budget.


Picking a perfect cordless vacuum cleaner is ultimately challenging. Fortunately, you can select the right vacuum if you understand the basics of selecting one. With these insider tips here, you are well-poised to get the perfect vacuum for your home.