How to Choose the Best Torrent File

A torrent file is like a computer file that several users can share in the BitTorrent customer peer-to-peer network. It permits the users to easily download a wide range of software, right from anti-virus programs to entertainment media. An excellent torrent file contains a non-corrupted version and a working version of the software. It should also have an excellent seed-to-leech ratio for a faster download speed.

When searching for a torrent for downloading, you must keep in mind several things, like comments on the Torrent and the number of leechers/seeders. Whether that Torrent has been by any trusted uploader or a VIP, even the Torrent’s name would give you many hints as to what it contains. Remember, every torrent file is a unique one, as it contains the size and name of the files, date of creation, and the tracker where it could be traced or found.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the best torrent file

File size: You must keep in mind the size of the file before downloading it. A complete 1-2 hours movie could be range from 300 MB (too poor quality) to 10-20 GB (excellent quality).


If you wish to use BitTorrent to download a file, you automatically connect with a swarm of people who either are currently downloading the similar file you want or already have the file. The people who download the file are known as Leechers, while the people who have already downloaded it 100% are known as Seeders.

Torrent naming

The names of the Torrent are made up of things you want to download and a bunch of other words which indicate the group and the quality which released it.

This example is for TV shows and movies, but more other downloads would be the same. They often start with the show’s name, followed by Episode or the Season, if it is a TV show, or the Year if it is a movie. The season is mainly in the format S01E02 (Season 1, Episode 2). But remember, you should choose a trusted website server like thepirateproxybay, to get a suitable torrent file.

Trusted Up loaders/VIP

This can differ, entirely depending on what trackers you might be using. A few torrent sites allow only trusted users for uploading (generally private ones), and other sites could have many untrusted users who upload things such as fakes and viruses. When a trusted user uploads a file, you could safely assume that the Torrent is great (but you must still check other things, like the torrent file’s name).

To see when a trusted user uploads a torrent, you would see a marker on a torrent; for e.g.,, a small skull icon will be seen.


Are you still unsure about choosing a torrent? Go through the comments, if it is a fake one, there must be numerous comments stating this.

Factors that influence your Torrent’s speed

Several other factors influence or determine the speed of the torrent file. The speed of the user’s own downloads determined by their internet provider can have the biggest effect. Similarly, the peer’s speed of what they are downloading might also significantly impact downloads. These speeds can even significantly waiver throughout the day, depending totally on the tracker’s availability and the seed’s number.

Experts always recommend using a good anti-virus program if you are downloading and installing a file, as it helps to keep your computer protected.

So, in short, a good torrent is the one where you will find a higher number of seeders than the leechers. It is simple, the higher the number of seeders, the healthier your Torrent would be; therefore always choose a torrent where the seeder-leecher ratio is on the higher side. When searching for the best torrent files, choose the pirate proxy bay, as when you access their site, you will have access to almost everything, along with the best content you own. The pirate bay servers run eight web parts, multiple search systems, one global database, and several trackers of BitTorrent files.