How to Choose the Best Meeting Room for Your Work Tasks

Physical business meetings are quickly becoming an obsolete part of the global corporate culture. That’s because the frequency of these meetings has increased significantly, and the remote work culture has also made it difficult for the management to conduct meetings, especially board meetings, on business premises.

Due to the increasing online business meetings trend, hundreds of meeting management software have flooded the market. However, only a few of them, such as board portal software, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, have become increasingly popular in the business world.

The best meeting management software is the one that has everything you need to manage your meetings. If you are searching for the right meeting software for your business, here are a few important tips to consider.

5 tips to choose the best meeting management software

1. Don’t compromise on software security

Software security is arguably the most important thing to consider before thinking about other features. Whether you need meeting software for your project teams or board of directors, don’t compromise on security. But why is security important?

Online business meetings nowadays involve a large number of participants. Some meeting software can accommodate hundreds of users in one audio or videoconference. If any unauthorized person somehow gets access to an audio/video conference link, the business may face adverse consequences.

Secondly, participants share important documents during the meeting, and without a strong security system, confidential business data may fall into the wrong hands. In fact, if it is a board meeting, a security breach can create chaos.

Meeting solutions such as board management software have a hard-to-crack security system. That said, only registered virtual boardroom users can access the boardroom and participate in the meeting. Apart from that, a board portal has:

  • Two-step verification system
  • Remote device deletion feature
  • Document access restrictions
  • Document access revoke feature

A remote device deletion feature deserves special attention, as it makes sure that the boardroom management can remove any suspicious device or user anytime. The best part? They can maintain control over data even after it has been downloaded onto someone else’s device. These measures ensure that virtual board software keeps your confidential business data well-protected even during transfer.

2. Look for mandatory meeting management tools

The purpose of meeting management software is to streamline meetings. However, unfortunately, many meeting software doesn’t have all the necessary meeting management tools. Therefore, always look for the following features while choosing a paperless meeting solution:

Agenda builder. Meeting agenda is an essential pre-meeting document as it provides an overview of the meeting roadmap. Meeting software like board portal software normally has a built-in agenda builder and multiple free customizable agenda templates, which you can edit according to your needs.

Voting tools. Executive level or board meetings are often conducted to resolve disputes or pass/reject proposals or motions started by the meeting members. In fact, voting needs may arise during mid or lower-level meetings. Therefore, voting tools are important.

Minutes and notes builder. Even many high-end meeting management solutions don’t have a dedicated meeting minutes builder, which adds an extra burden on meeting participants. Minutes are necessary for future reference, and it is important to add every point discussed and every decision made in meeting minutes. Thankfully, board management software can help you automate note-taking and the minutes-preparation process.

Other necessary online board meeting tools in board portal software include electronic signatures, document viewer, task manager, meeting scheduler, etc.

3. Consider software’s ability to integrate with third-party apps

It isn’t easy to find a meeting solution that has everything you need. However, this problem can be minimized if the software is integrable with third-party apps. For instance, if meeting software doesn’t have a built-in file viewer, it must be integrable with Adobe reader or Microsoft Word and Excel.

One important thing you should remember is that third-party app integration may compromise your software security. That is why virtual board software is a top choice for millions of professionals and businesses because you won’t need a third-party app for meetings.

4. Make sure the software is easy to use

Meeting management solutions are designed to facilitate businesses, not to complicate things for them. The best meeting software is the one you can use with ease and with minimum guidance. An easy, user-friendly, and comprehensive software dashboard helps you navigate through different features easily.

Many meeting management solutions don’t allow you to access and open documents while keeping the video calling tab open during the meeting. Virtual boardroom not only allows you to perform both functions simultaneously, but you can open multiple documents in the sidebar and view them as per your needs.

5. Look for a task manager and meeting recorder

Task manager is another vital feature in meeting software as it allows you to post-meeting activities of your team or board members.

Similarly, a meeting recorder is another useful feature, especially when you are dealing with external parties for deal-making or other similar affairs. Recorded meetings can be used as proof in a court of law or just for retrospective analysis purposes.

Final words

There are hundreds of meeting management software in the market, but it is all about choosing the right one for you. Just make sure it is secure, easy to use, and according to your needs. Some of the best options include board portal software, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams — choose what works best for you.