How to choose the best harness for your cat

A lot of cat lovers miss out on the experience of going on a walk with their cat. Many think the cat won’t like it. The face is that there are quite a few cats that love to walk – some of them even match dogs in their enthusiasm for the exercise.

When you go walking with your cat whether it’s around the block or in the garden, a harness will help you and your pet explore the world safely. 

The harness you choose should be the best, the highest quality, and most secure harness. The factors to bear in mind are size, quality of material, customer ratings.

Among the features that you could consider for the best cat harness is how well it fits. The harness should fit snugly so it does not enable your cat to get away from you and escape. Other things to consider include:

Durability: The harness should be manufactured out of durable, quality materials that won’t easily snap or break at your cat’s slightest movement. It;’s important to inspect the quality and strength of the harness’s stitching. You should also look at the individual clasps, to make sure the harness is capable of withstanding your cat’s tugging as it surely will.

Fit: This is among the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a harness for your cat. You’ll need to make sure the cat harness fits your pet as securely as possible. There must be no possibility that your cat will be able to escape. But you also want to be sure that the harness you choose is adjustable because neither you or your cat will want it to be too tight as this will be uncomfortable. A good tip is to ensure that you can slide one of your fingers between the harness and your cat’s neck. If more than one of your fingers fits, the harness is probably too loose. If the harness feels tight when you try to insert one finger, your cat is not going to feel comfortable in the harness.

Style: When it comes to style, two main types of harnesses fit cats. The first is a  vest style the other is a classic “H” shape. Each offers benefits. The “H” style harness comes with a strap that goes around the cat’s neck with another strap to go around the pet’s stomach. Compared to the vest style, the “H” shape is more adjustable. It is also simple and can be easily put on your pet. The vest style often is made with a breathable material like mesh. As its description suggests it fits like a vest and can be clipped either at the back or at the chest. People report this vest style is usually more secure and escape-proof.

Compatibility with a lead: Some harnesses come complete with a leash already attached. Others need a leash to be bought separately. What is important is to make sure that the harness you eventually choose has either an O-ring or one of the other types of devices that enable you to attach the leash to the harness.