How to choose the best Assault Lawyer

Sydney is a calm and peaceful city. However, like any other place globally, there could be some friction amongst people now and then. It is the basic structure of society; when different people live together, sometimes things get out of hand. In Australia, assault is an offense under section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900, which could lead to a maximum of 2 years in prison and/or a penalty of $5,500.

To present your side of the incident and negotiate the terms of imprisonment or fine if you are found guilty, hiring the best assault lawyer Sydney is essential.

If you have been charged with assault charges, it is best to seek counsel from an expert assault lawyer. If not handled well, such charges can reflect poorly on your record. In criminal defence, everything depends upon how good your lawyer is.

Choosing the best assault defence lawyer is a significant step that you should take after considering many factors.

1. Experienced Lawyers

Lawyers that specialize in criminal defence do not necessarily mean that they specialize in assault as well. Hiring a lawyer specializing in embezzlement or drunk driving will not serve you well in your assault case. The field of criminal law is very dynamic, and it is constantly evolving, so you should choose a lawyer that has ample experience in the crime with which you have been charged.

Some lawyers specialize in minor assaults, while others specialize in violent crimes. So, do your research and consult with a couple of lawyers and choose who has a greater understanding of your case and has experience in dealing in such cases. Many law firms offer the first consultation for free, making it easier for you to consult with multiple lawyers and then choose the best one.

2. Get referrals

Seeking referrals is the best way to find the best defence lawyer for your case. Ask anyone whom you know has been in a similar situation as you. Ask them who they hired and if their experience was good or bad. If they had a good experience with the lawyer or the firm, there is no harm in scheduling a consultation. Even if things seem to be good over the consultation, scour the internet to find more reviews about the firm. It would be best if you did not leave any loose ends while hiring a lawyer as the type of lawyer you hire could make or break your case.

3. Experience in Courtroom

A vast majority of criminal cases often never go to trial. The prosecution or court dismisses such cases due to lack of evidence, plea bargain, or out-of-court settlement. However, you never know which case could reach trials. So, you need to hire a lawyer who has plenty of courtroom experience under their belt. Other than the knowledge and skills of the lawyer, soft skills like their demeanor and the way they dress will speak a lot about their courtroom experience. A well-dressed, confident, and well-spoken lawyer will relatively do better in the courtroom than a shabby lawyer. All these things add up to their confidence; a highly confident lawyer has a better chance of convincing the judges and jury.

4. Their Team

Fighting a case in the courtroom is not just the job of a lawyer. A whole team of paralegals and administrative staff assist the lawyer in preparing for the case. If you get a chance, sit down with the team that functions behind the scenes. A good team of paralegals enables the attorney to conduct your case smoothly.

So, choosing a good assault lawyer in Sydney is significant if you want to be acquitted of any charges or negotiate the terms of imprisonment.