How to Choose Best Paper for Copic Marker

Copic Markers are extremely top-notch liquor ink markers, ideal for shading designed pictures and making dazzling foundations. Every marker is hand tried for consistency and quality for best paper for copic marker. Since Copics are rechargeable and tips are replaceable, a Copic marker should only be purchased once. My tips below focus on Copic Sketch Markers that have an oval barrel, feature super wide and medium width (chisel) tips, and are compatible with the Copic Air Brush system. Copic as of late included the discretionary Sketch fine nib substitutions to effortlessly trade out the Medium Broad nib. This slim, slightly firm tip was developed to allow artists to achieve more precision to add color to the smallest details in an illustration.

Step # 1: Gather your Supplies

You’ll need cardstock swatches to test (be sure to record what type is on the back so they don’t mix), something round to trace with a pencil and a mid-tone Copic marker (and a darker one to test shading).

Step # 2: Drawing and Completing your Circle

Follow your hover with a pencil on each sheet of cardboard. At that point shading each hover with your Copic marker. Make certain to arrive at the line, not pass it.

Step # 3: Examine the Plumage

Take a look at the edge of your color circle and see whether or not there are feathers that go beyond the drawn line. You want to choose the clearest and cleanest option of the test.

Step 4: Flip your Cardstock

Then take a look at the back of the poster board to see the bleeding. This will tell you how evenly the ink was applied. The more stained and uneven the indentation, the worse that type of paper is when Copic markers are used.

Step 5: Shading

Shockingly, the kind of cardstock utilized enormously influences the capacity of the markers to blend equitably. With your darker marker, conceal one side of the circle and utilize the lighter shade to mix everything together.A bad cardboard will leave streaks when you try to mix.

This little test may seem stupidly simple, but it’s supposed to be! Sometimes we do not realize that we are not using the ideal paper for our project until it is too late and then it is a great nuisance. Before doing all the work, take this simple test to discover the BEST paper for your Copic markers. Remember to make note of the cardstock you like best or save your sample cards for future reference.

Why are Copic Markers so Expensive?

We might want to go over the highlights of Copic bookmarks to assist you with responding to the basic inquiries of “For what reason are Copic bookmarks so costly?” and “Are Copic Markers Worth the Money?”

1. Quality

If you buy the R27 Copic marker today, and a refill in a year, that refill will be exactly the same color. It makes sense, right? That is the thing that we thought, however clearly that is not the situation with different brands. By and large, in light of the fact that the ink is blended in clusters, the shades of one year may vary somewhat from those of the next year; except if there is exacting quality control like there is with Copic markers.

We purchased over 200 of these markers in the past two and a half years, and have never had one that wasn’t exactly as it should be, straight out of the box.

2. Alcohol Based

Utilizing Copics won’t hurt your paper like water-based markers. This implies you can overlay Copics like hued pencils again and again.

Copic markers will not dry out when not in use, assuming both caps are positioned correctly to maintain a watertight seal. They have a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years.

Compared to other alcohol or oil-based markers, Copic has very little odor. Yes, if you put one directly under your nose, you will have an aroma similar to alcohol. However, unlike Sharpies or Winsor & Newtons, Copics don’t give me a headache from vapors when I use them for an hour.

3. Rechargeable and Refillable

When you buy a Copic marker, you’re basically buying that body style and it will refill it every time it dries.

For example, you can get a Sketch marker for a normal of $ 7. You can get a blended ink top off for around $ 5. A sketch marker can be occupied to multiple times. So, for $ 12 (the marker at $ 7 and tops off it at $ 5), you just purchased what could be compared to 13 markers from some other brand.

Okay, to get this kind of deal, you’re using your Copics a lot, but what a saving if you do!

If you damage (or wear out) a tip of a Copic marker, you can purchase a replacement tip. You can even change the tips of certain bodies if you don’t like what comes from the package. How amazing is that!