How to care for tired and achy eyes

Do your eyes feel tired and achy at night? Tired eyes could result from exposure to continuous light or reading on your devices for an extended time. Eye strain can make your life difficult as it impacts the ability to complete everyday activities. It could lead to migraines, and it could be wise to take regular eye breaks to help the eyes focus. These home remedies might reduce eye strain.

Adjust the Lighting

When using your laptop or watching TV, your eyes can easily strain as you focus on a single spot. However, it would be better to take breaks from focusing on the screen and let your eyes wander around. Moreover, you can prevent eye strain if you keep the room softly lit. When reading, you should watch the position of the light source. A shaded light on the task reduces eye strain as the shade keeps the light from shining directly to the eyes.

Apply a Warm Cloth

You can use a washcloth on your tired eyes as it relieves achy eyes. Moreover, it adds moisture to the eyes, eases pain, and increases blood flow. Moreover, it can relax muscles spasms; however, you should wash your hands first to avoid getting bacteria into your eyes. You can dip the washcloth in water that boils, as the water will sterilize the cloth and wait until the cloth becomes lukewarm. You can press the cloth on the eyes for five minutes, but it would be wise to follow a doctor’s advice.

Wear Computer Glasses

You can use prescription glasses that block the UV radiations and blue light, which causes eye strain. Moreover, some eyeglasses can help shift from close, middle, and far distances. Moreover, blue-light-blocking glasses will not always block the blue light, and it would be better to wear UV-light-blocking glasses when you go shopping.

Change the Computer Set-Up

Small tweaks on your screen can affect your eyes; for instance, the computers should be at arm’s length. It should be at 20-26 inches away from the face, and the center of the screen should be at 4-5 inches. Moreover, it could be better to adjust the texts to avoid squinting, leading to eye strain.

Try Tea Bags

Tea is a good drink as it improves your health and it can help you relax after a long day. After brewing your favorite tea, you can press the tea bag on your eyes. However, you should allow the tea bag to cool and wash the hands and face before pressing the teabag.

Do Your Exercise

Your eyes will benefit from the exercise as it has muscles. For instance, you can hold your finger a few inches from the eyes and focus on it. You can repeat a few times as the exercise eases eye fatigue. The exercises might not improve the eye muscles, but it reduces strain.

The Bottom Line

Your eyes can be achy and tired after straining for a long day. However, you can reduce eye strain by using tea bags and exercising. Moreover, you can use a warm cloth that moisturizes the eye and reduces fatigue.