How to build the right web development team for the next project?

Web development is an amazing field with different companies and freelancers trying their hand at the newest technologies. However, do you know that the number of web designers and developers is set to cross 205,000 by the end of 2030?

Thus, no sources or skilled individuals are lacking when building your dream web development team.

However, the challenges are vast, as finding a skilled team based on the current project needs is crucial. Therefore, let us help you understand the technical and non-technical aspects of creating a web development team for your upcoming project.

Building a dream web development team- where to start?

Assembling the development team of experts is the first step to accomplishing the tedious task of creating user-intuitive web applications.

First, it is crucial to understand that a team is the outcome of a combination of hard and soft skills.

Building a dream web development team

Hence, it is all about having people with different skills, small teams focusing on different issues, specific skill experts, and a central point of contact for pivotal activities.

Soft skills required in a web development team:

Web development is much more beyond the technical aspects. We’ll discuss the skill set of different individuals in detail, but it is essential to understand the main soft skills necessary for building your dream web development team. 

The main skills required in any web development team, irrespective of the type of project, include:


First things first, it is necessary for any web development team to maintain seamless communication. 

Even the biggest teams have failed due to the lack of communication. It starts when the team speaks with different clients to understand their project details, messaging the end users, and internal communication while working on different development phases.


It is another important skill when it comes to dedicated web development. It is necessary to create a unique and exclusive website that is incomplete without the creativity of the entire development team.

The torch-bearers in the website development team regarding creativity include UI designers, copywriters, etc.

Organization and planning:

 It is essential that the website development team thus created is highly organized and has detailed planning. The project managers are the key persons having the entire responsibility of the organization and planning of the web development process.

Technical exposure: 

Last but not least is the necessary technical exposure for individual profiles and other positions. While the detailed team of web development like designers, developers, testers, etc., need to have the respective technical skills, the others must have basic know-how. 

The project managers, the front-end team, etc., must understand the key technicalities involved in the web development process.

Hard skills in building your dream web development team

After going through the required soft skills for building a web development team, it comes down to the core technical skills. We’ve incorporated a detailed list of the key positions and their respective skills, which is necessary even if you’re hiring a web development company:

Front-end developer: 

Finding a front-end developer for your project can be tedious. These are the technical experts who allow the users to interact with the website. The front-end developer aims to create the website in a format that is relevant and easy to read. 

Hence, their work is a bit more than simple coding or designing but adds the extra factor to the websites to make them unique. Some popular effects used by front-end developers include roll-over effects, animations, transition effects, etc.

Further, the front-end developers ensure that the website is highly responsive and compatible with devices like mobile, tablets, etc.

Skills required: Version control like Git, Javascript, Libraries, HTML, CSS/ SaSS, etc.

Back-end developer: 

These developers work closely with the front-end developers to complete the website development process. Some of the core responsibilities of the back-end developer include creating functional systems on the website, integrating APIs or third-party software, building the CMS, etc.

Back-end developer

Further, the back-end developer works seamlessly with the UX designers to create new tools and functions to add required features to the project.

Skills required: API integration, Database technologies like NoSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Javascript, .NET, PHP, other technologies, etc.

UX designer: 

The user experience or UX designer ensures that the website is accessible, enjoyable, and usable for different users. These use a variety of skills and tools to ensure that the visitor can be a potential customer by improving the user experience. 

These designers use data to better understand customer frustration, motivation, and other aspects related to the business’s products or services. Some of the core responsibilities of UX designers include creating products and services focusing on the end users while paying attention to revenue, customer retention, branding, etc.

Skills required: Critical and analytical thinking, usability understanding, wireframing tools like Balsamiq, etc.

UI designer: 

The user interface or UI designer handles the user’s visual experience. It works in collaboration with the UX team and creates simple, engaging, and exciting features on the website.

UI designer

Some of the key responsibilities of the UI designer include creating intuitive and motivating interfaces, managing fonts, layouts, colors, imagery, etc. Hence, these designers create different screens through which users move on the website and different visual elements.

Skills required: Excellent typography skills, understanding the best UI practices, different design tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite, etc.


Once the website designs are ready, it comes to the information contained in them. This is the point where the role of the copywriter comes into play. The copywriters bring the perfect balance of consistency and creativity to the website.

 The copywriter’s words help the businesses convey their purpose and offerings to the clients. Some of the core responsibilities of copywriters include creating messages to motivate clients about business, understanding core business functions, etc.

Skills required: Creative mindset, ability to learn about new topics, thorough research, outstanding writing skills, etc.

Testing coordinator: 

No website can be launched without proper testing. Hence, the testing coordinators form one of the essential parts of building your dream web development team. 

These coordinators understand all about functional testing, regression testing, A/B testing, etc., and adopt the required technologies based on the project needs. Testing experts ensure that the website’s purpose is achieved for every visitor and that all the planned objectives are met accordingly. 

Further, they ensure that every element of the website is optimized and functional for different browsers, setups, and devices.

Skills required: Should be able to interpret user responses, should be well-organized, great communicator, etc.

Project manager: 

Last but not least is the central point of contact in website development, i.e., the project manager. Different website development projects have associated project managers for managing the different team members and delivering the on-time websites. 

The project managers are like the captain of the ship, which know all about planning, organizing, and directing website development projects. Some of the core responsibilities of project managers include on-time website development within the budgetary limits, etc. 

Not to miss is that the project manager must know all about the website development and the responsibilities of the different team members.

Skills required: Excellent understanding of technology, great interpersonal skills, amazing organizational skills, etc.

Wrapping Up:

With more than 48% of the visitors confirming that website design is the top factor in determining the business’s credibility, it all comes down to building the ideal web development team.

You can go through the detailed steps to build your dream web development team, or you can go for hiring a web development companyWith the right team for your project, it is easy to gain the optimum results for different clients.

It is easy to go through the main roles and associated skillset required in the web development team for any project. 

These include project managers, UX designers, UI designers, Copywriters, Back-end or systems developers, Testing coordinators, Front-end developers for your project, etc.

Author Bio

Devendra Saini works as a Digital Marketing Analyst at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company specializing in cutting-edge web and mobile app solutions. He enjoys researching market trends and assisting startups and enterprises in achieving their business objectives.