How to build an Inexpensive Electric Bicycle

A lot of times, the things you feel are most complex and difficult end up not being hard at all. Such is the case with constructing an electric bicycle. There are actually very simple ways in which you can transform your bike into an electric one and you do not even have to worry about having to buy a new bike. All you need is a bike that is in good working condition and can hold its own for a considerable period of time. Along with that you need a kit that can help you in the process of conversion as well as a battery that can power your bike’s engine when you convert it into an electric bike. The reason why you need a conversion kit is because it will instantly make your conversion process so much easier and faster, and if you look for the right deals, it is not even an expensive purchase. You just need to know exactly what you need, where to buy it from and what sales and vouchers to benefit from.  If electric biking is not your thing, check out adult scooters recommended by Mobility Seeker.

The first thing that you need is a bike. Whilst it is better to have a mountain bike because of the features and specifications it provides, it is alright if you want to try it on any standard bike. If you have a bike lying around, just use that, otherwise look towards the local store or within your neighborhood to find anyone who may be selling off their bike and just get it second hand. It is not really a big deal in that regard. If you want really good results, it is wise to choose a bike which has wheels about 66 cm large or even bigger. As mentioned earlier, it would be really great if you work with a mountain bike but if you have any other bike which is strong and sturdy, that will do too.

Next, if you have never converted your bike into an electric bike, then the conversion kit earlier mentioned is something you must purchase. This is because it comes with all the right nuts and bolts, as well as a controller for speed, a throttle and a hub motored wheel. These are all some essential items that are needed to electrify your bike. Make sure that the wheel that you get in this conversion kit is exactly the same size as that of the existing wheels so that there are no adjustment problems. Since many a times, the battery does not come with the conversion kit, it would be wise to separately shop for it, instead of having all the other things ready and having to head out for just this small piece. Chris Ryan’s guide on E-bike conversion kit is the one I’ll recommend to check out.

When making the purchase for the battery, choose the volt and capacity which is well aligned with the needs of an electric bike. If you do not know much about these things, it is always better to consult the shopkeeper or a friend or family member who knows his or her way around these things. Try to get batteries that can be charged later on, you would not want to constantly be buying batteries just because you did not buy the chargeable ones.

It is now time to remove the wheel. Make sure to remove it gently so that you do not damage any part of it. If you are a biker, this will not be something that you are unaware of since bikers tend to do this all the time when their wheels face punctures etc. When you take it out, very carefully take out the tire and inner tube from the old wheel. This is because this needs to be carefully inserted into the new wheel that has to go on the newly electrified bike. The process that you undertook when extracting your bike from the brake components and gears, just needs to be reversed. Put in the wheel back into the space provided.

Once you have done this, you can move onto the items that are in your conversion kit. It will come with a clear cut manual or guidelines that will help you insert the speed controller and throttle so you need not worry about doing it wrong. If you wish to add any other accessories to your bike, this is the time to put them on. Once you have attached all of these things, take out your battery so that you can secure its connection with the throttle and speed controller. It is very important to know that you must not touch the wires that come with the battery. The final step is to take the battery and place it at the back of your bike in what could be the holder for a water bottle or a small carriage like structure which holds your things.

People are generally worried about the entire process and fear the complexities that may be involved. A lot of times, they are afraid of the guidelines that come with the conversion kit, presuming that they will contain verbosity and incomprehensible instructions that will lead you into a web of further difficulties. But that is never the case. Everything is so neatly and easily defined, that it becomes a smooth sailing process and with time, you can even train your younger ones to take it up. As you can see, there is not a great hassle involved in transforming your ordinary bike into an electric one so get your equipment together and your engineering hat on, you are in for a remarkable ride.