How To Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Your Wardrobe

If you’re wondering where the world of fashion is headed, the answer is back. Fifteen to 20 years back, when the internet was becoming a thing. Back when the world was in a state of general anxiety, wondering what the Millennium Bug would look like on the other side of 1999. The obsession with the future had crept into the design aesthetic around this time

Those who lived through this era remember the robot-inspired shiny, metallic materials combined with cute cropped or tie-front tops. Pairing bandanas and do-rags with the translucent eyewear that harked to the 1970s was almost mandatory for a music video shoot. Brightly-colored velour tracksuits or double denim getups were equally in vogue.

Here are ways you can join the nostalgic bandwagon without damaging your reputation.

Aesthetic Behind Nostalgia

To be able to pull off a retro Y2K look, it’s important to appreciate the inspiration behind it and how that longing for the good old days has consistently shaped the way we dress. And why wouldn’t it? Every other day you see, smell or taste something that transports you back to your childhood, or reminds you of the fun moments you enjoyed as a teen.

This longing naturally leads designers to create things that bring those sweet memories closer to the wearer. But if you analyze these nostalgic trends closely, you will find that they occur in cycles. The Y2K aesthetic itself, for instance, borrowed heavily from the futuristic look imagined in the 70s.

It may seem ironic that a world that is powered by ever-evolving technology is constantly deriving aesthetic inspiration from the past. However, ancient Greek philosophy, Hinduism, and Buddhism hold that humans will always crave the past as long as they have memory. And this is tied to the cyclical evolution of the universe itself.

Shiny Materials

So what are those key elements of pre-millennial fashion that make it stand out in our minds and make us want to relive that era? You no doubt recall the shiny puffer jackets that the music videos of Janet Jackson, TLC, and other 90s stars made so popular. These were either silver or in a variety of bright colors.

You can bring back that era of pop by going shiny top to bottom or combining your metallic silver jacket with an eye-catching color of your choice. This look works best if the color you pair your top with is bright or as shiny. You can go the whole hog and splash on some “blingy” accessories and a layer of glittering lip-gloss.

Double Denim

It may be frowned upon in some corners as a fashion no-no, but double denim was an integral part of Y2K fashion. And it can work for you if you rock it the right way. Keep the top and bottom the same shade of blue but play around with the shapes of the individual pieces. An oversize jeans jacket would go well with a pair of bell-bottom jeans or flared shorts.

Add some cheerful contrast to your blue ensemble with a cherry-red clutch bag and matching shoes. Tan accessories- leather belts and boots have historically worked well with the double denim look.

Or why not get jean-infused accessories for your double denim attack?

You could either use a denim bucket bag or denim headgear to match your jean bottoms to give your trip back to the early 2000s a unique twist. This look works best if you use your top to break the monotony of jeans.


Bandanas and do-rags were the default headwear for casual weekend outings in the Y2K era. The former were brightly colored and were used to tie up a rugged denim ensemble, while the latter was usually paired with the dazzling tracksuits of yore.

For the full Aaliyah effect, you can combine your bandana with the signature dark; narrow sunglasses entertainers rocked back in the day. Or you can pick something else from the wide range of glasses frames for women available in most online stores.

It’s Your World

Adding a touch of nostalgia is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe and create a look that will make you truly stand out. The key to successfully pulling off any retro look is finding unique little ways to personalize it. Look for elements or colors that will make your trip back in time a unique one.