How Tik Tok algorithms work

How do the algorithms work in TikTok and is it possible to get into the recommendations with help from online services? This question is asked by any novice author who decided to try himself in the role of a blogger. As you know, the competition in the service is really huge, so boring and useless content will certainly not be promoted. And you also need to understand that the exact principle of the algorithms in Tik Tok is not known to anyone (except for their creators). But the experience of other users still allows us to draw some conclusions, which we are ready to share with you further.

How do algorithms work in Tik Tok?

In general, all verification and evaluation of content in TikTok is tied to the use of artificial intelligence – a living person simply could not manually check each video. As with everything else, sometimes errors happen, as a result of which extremely strange videos end up in recommendations. But how roughly Tik Tok’s algorithms work?

First, the most important thing is the first impression of your account. You should initially try to record high-quality and unique videos, follow trends and never violate the rules of the service. For example, for a toy gun in the frame, you may be given a shadow ban, because of which further promotion is simply pointless – honestly, it’s easier to create a new profile.

Secondly, artificial intelligence makes sure that the publications are unique, and that the borrowed content is at most 30 percent. The same applies to copyright – it is better to refuse to copy other people’s publications, otherwise the likelihood of getting blocked on TikTok and not being included in the recommendations is extremely high.

Thirdly, oddly enough, it is advisable to use the built-in TikTok editor. Various experiments prove that in this case the algorithms work much more efficiently – videos are simply more often found in recommendations. It was also noticed that in the TikTok feed there are mainly videos where real people are in the frame.

Summing up, it should be noted that the most important thing is the feedback from the audience. Tik Tok’s algorithms take into account how many likes the publication has collected, how many comments and reposts. If it is noticed that the video is liked by subscribers, then it will most likely be in the recommendations (although this does not always work).

How to make it so that you get into the recommendations?

And the question that worries many novice bloggers sounds like this: how to get into the recommended Tik Tok. If you came for some kind of formula for success, then it will not exist – there is no algorithm that works exactly yet. But we are ready to share with you some tips that will allow you to one day be in the trends of Tik Tok:

  • Try to shoot videos with popular music and use hashtags – keywords that reflect the topic of the publication.
  • Be sure to apply the various filters, masks and effects built into the Tik Tok editor.
  • Try to record only high-quality and interesting content so that the algorithms work for you (and not against, giving out a shadow ban).
  • Maintain a clear schedule for new videos (for example, 3-4 times a week).
  • Come up with interesting plots for videos so that the algorithms understand that your content is unique.
  • Make only your own publications, do not copy them from other authors.
  • The presence of a person in the frame – plus 50% to the output in the recommendation.

Thus, we looked at how the TikTok algorithm for recommendations works, and what needs to be done to be in trends. Of course, there is no clear formula for success, but adhering to the tips presented here never hurts. Still have questions? Well, then in your comments!