How the coronavirus pandemic sped up innovation at casinos

At the beginning of 2020, the ongoing pandemic affected a lot of businesses in Portugal. Leading to Portuguese residents abiding by the emergency initiated lockdown by the government. Till then gambling businesses have been affected leading to the effects of casinos’ coronavirus. For land-based casinos, the pandemic hit them hard, but when it comes to online casinos like casino online solverde, they have been trending.

Unlike other businesses, online casinos have been active and booming with increasing revenue. Based on the view of Victoria Oliveira, as an expert in guest post topics, when the Portuguese residents were subjected to emergency lockdown they started utilizing the service of online casinos for fun and entertainment. Even though other businesses had a hard time during the pandemic, but according to tech companies they have utilized the situation to their benefit.

And that’s true because of the pandemic, tech companies were busy looking for new development to manage the outbreak. So, looking at this, they have the upper hand in retaining their business value. Even the development they managed to achieve will still be around for a long time after the pandemic.

However, let’s take a look at how the coronavirus pandemic sped up innovation at casinos:

1. Screen Time Protection

During the pandemic, everyone in Portugal was subject to an emergency lockdown issued by the government. Leading to people using more screen time than usual. During this time, almost all the residents in Portugal either use their smartphones, computers or watch television. However, the tech companies did a good job in developing different software and devices that will help people control their screen time and fight Covid-19.

2. Checking Temperature

Among other ways of detecting people suffering from CoviD-19, checking the temperature is the first. Along with all the casinos in Portugal, the tech companies have ensured that devices for checking the accurate temperature of an individual are produced. The development of casino technology has aided casinos in evaluating the temperature of gamblers in Portugal.

The development later evolved to temperature checkers being added at the entrance of casinos, to check customers before they enter. Once there’s a problem at the initial temperature, the door will remain locked while attracting the attention of casino staff.

3. Going Cashless

Instead of allowing people to use money notes that contribute to the spread of Covid-19. The tech companies provide a more convenient way of going cashless. You can either make use of a credit or debit card for payments inside the casino or swap cash with the player loyalty cards before proceeding to where you play games. So, this alternative is perfect for limiting players from handing money notes inside the casino.

Most casinos are utilizing wallet features nowadays, which means that players will have to fund their wallets and play directly from the balance. Even if you can’t fund the wallet with created cards, you can submit your money at the cashier and your wallet will be funded immediately.

According to the popular Gaming company Aristocrat in the USA. They have been working on producing a virtual wallet to aid gamblers for a long time. But the effect of the ongoing pandemic aided in completing the project sooner. However necessary improvement will be added to make the system more simple. The company was known to have teamed up with other gaming providers to ensure that targeted goals are achieved over a short period.


The corona virus and casinos have contributed to speeding up the development of innovations in Portugal. In the last few months, a lot has been achieved by the casino industry to safely protect Portuguese gamblers, as they play their favorite casino games.